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Re-production ?'s

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My parents had this feral cat that one day was lurking around there
property. It looked really thin, so my parents started feeding it.
Now the cat basically lives outside there. The cat had kittens
about 4 months ago. I took 1 (my 1st cat), the others went to the

My parents have been trying to catch the cat, so they can get it
sprayed, but so far they have failed. Now there going to Florida soon,
and there alittle worried the cat will reproduce again.

The cat had kittens 4 months ago. Can & will the cat reproduce again
already. Keep in mind they live in northern Canada, and its -10 or colder
everyday, plus there's probably 4 feet of snow or more on the ground.

Does this kind of weather kill the instinct to reproduce.
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You should look in the ferals section- you can find more info about how to trap her and take her to be spayed. Yes she can reproduce, it will most likely not be so soon after her other litter..I think they reproduce about once a year??? I definitely could be wrong there....I don't know much but from what I've come across about ferals- you are supposed to take their kittens at 4-5 weeks in order to tame them, anyway that's besides the point, but were the kittens tame??? I'm just curious..
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They could really do with trapping her, cats can and do get pregnant while still feeding previous kittens. Also, every female she produces will go on to do the same thing. The cold weather might have an effect on slowing things down, but only till the spring.

The stats the charity I foster for produce state that one female can be responsible for 10,924 kittens in just 6 years, and that is based on just two litters a year, although they can have double that.
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