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Poor lost kitties

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Toys R Us closed their store in Irving about 3 months ago and moved into a new store nearby.

In the process, they moved all their fixtures, carts, pallets, etc. out of the old store, putting them in trailers to be disposed of or whatever.

Yesterday, one of those trailers was, for some unknown reason, delivered to the new store. When they broke the seal and opened the door, they realized the delivery was a mistake...and that somehow 2 cats had gotten in the trailer before it was sealed up 3 months ago. There was no miracle this time; both the cats had gone to the bridge.

No one knows how the cats got in the trailer, but the theory is that they either climbed up in it while it was sitting at the dock at the old store, or that they might have gotten into the store through an open door and walked into the trailer.

There is no feeling that this was intentional; it was just a sad mistake.

Rest in peace, kitties. We don't know who you are, or where you came from, but our hearts hurt for you anyway.
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Those poor cats! I hope for their sakes they passed quickly.

Rest In Peace sweeties
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Play happily over RB, little unknown kitties - for whatever reason, you were in the trailer and perished, but your sweet spirits will live forever on the other side of RB
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Rest in Peace Little Ones.
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Oh how awful!

RIP babies

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Oh no, that's terrible...

Rest in peace, little precious kitties
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