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wall scratching

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every time my cat uses her litterbox she scratches the wall behind it when shes done. its driving everyone crazy. is there a way i can break her of this habit?
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Put the litter box in the middle of a room, away from any walls?

Maybe more realistically, have a high-sided box so your cat scratches the side of the box? Many people on this board have had a lot of luck with large utility storage boxes: that might be easiest way to get a high-sided box.
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Mine scratch the wall at random times during the night, but I am sure they hear mice or bugs. I do not know if this will help. Maybe apply the same or similar techniques used to deter furniture (or inappropriate) scratching.

Can you tape aluminum foil to the scratching area? Or place double sided tape there. Most cats don't like those textures. This should be temporary until they learn not to scratch there.

Is it possible to put a scratching post there?

Another idea would be to make a tall sided litterbox from an 18 to 22 gallon rubbermaid storage container. Larger size can be used as well. You cut one side out leaving three sides and about 6 inches from the bottom. I cut mine with a jigsaw if you are handy with tools. Then they will have the plastic storage container to scratch instead of the wall.
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she'll just scratch the box too ant that'll get annoying. but the double sided tape might work. thanks!
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My Scarlett is a wall scratcher. I have tall rubbermaid type bins. She will stand on the edge of the bin and scratch the wall. I suspect your cat will also try to bury hairballs, food she doesn't like, etc. You may have what I call "the snitch".

What drives Scarlett to scratch the wall is her need to keep everything tidy in her life. She only does it when I get a little bit lax in cleaning out her litter box. When I keep it totally clean, she doesn't have the need to try to bury the box. Keeping it clean means not only to scoop litter regularly, but to rotate in clean boxes. I keep extra boxes on hand and will give mine clean ones at least every few weeks. I would expect double sided tape to get nasty next to a litter box, as it will absorb the dust from the box and ruin its effectiveness. Or you could move it a little further away from the wall.
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My m-i-l had similar problems with a small terrier dog and she put up a tall sheet of plexi-glass. It worked for her, good luck!
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mine will scratch the wall, the air, and the litter box sides.... she will also try to cover her food after she eats... It's just how she is... It's actually cute and funny to see her doing the 3d scratch...
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Originally Posted by Ad'ost View Post
every time my cat uses her litterbox she scratches the wall behind it when shes done. its driving everyone crazy. is there a way i can break her of this habit?
It's natural for a cat to scratch. If it is the wall you're worried about, place a scratching post near the litter box. When your cat comes out of the box and begins in on the wall pick him/her up and place them in front of the scratching post. Praise and treat your cat for using the post. It may take a few repetitions for your cat to catch on. Soon your cat will associate the scratching post with something positive and be more inclined to scratch it rather than your wall.
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mine do this too! and one of my cats will scratch in the little box for like 10 minutes...its like hes obsessed with it or something, sometimes i have to actually yell...ENOUGH!
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