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I Love my Rat !!

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I got my first rat and all you fine kitty people helped me with my questions. TY. I am converted to the beauty of rats. It has been 3 month and she is riding around on my shoulder as I type this. Little rat whiskers in my ear. Tickle.

I guess Gilda and I just wanted to say Hi. I never knew a rat could be such a good pet. She is part of the family now.
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Hi Gilda!!! That is so awesome! Rats are wonderful pets I would very much like to get another one day, but with 15 possible rat killers in residence, not to mention no time to spare I will live vicariously thru other rat owners! I'd love to see pics if you can
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Funny story. I Have been saving the the cat from the rat. The rat runs up to Binks and she vacates her position. I am like, Gilda, leave that cat alone.
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I guess Binks doesn't know what to do when the fuzzy rat come up to her

I used to have a rabbit, Rebekah, that would chase my old cat Jericho around. Jericho was absolutely terrified of that bunny
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I love rats too! They are such great pets, and very smart. I have two rats right now and I had two others before (they do best in pairs/groups.) They're so sweet.
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I have 3 ratties..we had 4 but our littlest girl Squeak, passed away two days before Christmas.
They are wonderful pets
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They are great pets. I've owned three - Jack, Sally and Jaffa.

My rats used to ride around on my kittens backs
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I love rats!!! I've been keeping them for 10 years and wouldn't dream of living without them. I currently have 4 does - two black irish dumbos, and two black-eyed white topears, they're 9 months old. Your baby sounds lovely, I would love to see pictures. I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but rats need rattie companions in order to thrive. Please get a friend (or two) for your rat ASAP, it will be the best for her, and you'll get twice the whiskery kisses.
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Congrats on becoming a rat owner! Rats are great! Cute, curious, intelligent... I have one at the moment, with another rat coming in Feb to be her companion!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
My rats used to ride around on my kittens backs
Now that is a good photo op!
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