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Tribute to Bubba

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Dear Bubba,

I'm writing this tribute to you today. It was 4 years ago today you left me. For over 14 years you were my best friend and I loved you so much. You were mine since the day you were born and we bonded as soon as you opened your eyes. You started out with the name Chubbs because you were so chubby when you were born. Your mom Mort had a terrible time trying to pick you up. You grew into a beautiful tabby cat and I took you to cat shows and showed you in the HHP division. You won the HHP division in Loveland Colorado in 1992. Your Plaque is next to your picture and Urn. I remember you had enough of the cat shows when I dressed you up as a hotdog in extra ring for a costume contest. It was the only time you ever hissed at me in your life. When I was going through a divorce you stuck by me and kept me going through some really hard times. You always slept with me and always knew when I wasn't feeling good. I miss snuggling up with you, I loved the smell of your fur. When you got so sick it ripped my heart out. I was the last person you saw before you passed away. Not a day has gone by in 4 years that I don't think about you. Your mom Mort passed on 2 years after you and I know you both are watching over us from heaven.

Bubba I miss you so much.
(7/13/1990) - (12/22/2004)

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R.I.P. sweet, beautiful Bubba. I hope you're playing happily over the bridge.

What a beautiful tribute.

No matter how old they are, they always leave us too young.

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That's a beautiful tribute! Rest in Peace Bubba.
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What a beautiful tribute to Bubba You've done such a great job of giving us here a glimpse of that winning personality - I couldn't help but chuckle over the image of Bubba hissing because he was being costumed as a hotdog
Play happily over RB, Bubba & Mort
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That was so lovely

RIP Bubba Your still sadly missed

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