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Thinking about my baby today... (picture heavy)

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One year ago today, I walked into a local shelter and was chosen by a tiny little buff fluffball named Zarah. I barely had the chance to even look at any other cats, because she hopped into my lap as soon as I walked in the door and proceeded to sleep in my arms for the rest of the time I was in the shelter. She had a goopy eye, but stole my heart immediately and I took her home the same day as a foster, since the shelter wasn't ready to adopt her out until she saw the vet again.

She didn't make a peep the whole time I was at the shelter, but as soon as she got into the car, she started meowing in her carrier. I couldn't wait to get her to her new home. I wasn't a fan of the name Zarah, so I renamed her Zoey.

When we got home, Zoey quickly found a good place to sleep. You can see how tiny she was in this picture, supposedly about 5 months old. This was my first picture of her.

She didn't need much time to figure out that she was safe to cuddle:

Zoey was a little diva and was always willing to pose for the camera.

Zoey never played much, but did have a liking her her fish on a pole. Once and a while, she would get really into chasing it, occasionally resulting in a faceplant into the wall or some piece of furniture. This usually ticked her off and the game ended with Zoey in a bit of a huff.

Not so playful, but always curious, Zoey liked to explore the apartment and her so-called toys.

She wondered why the bird didn't fly away:

She preferred shoelaces and boxes to the many toys she had:

Zoey always wanted to be near her mommy and daddy (who, although he wasn't such a big fan of her to begin with, quickly became wrapped around Zoey's little paw).

Zoey was a weird little kitty. She loved to sleep on the cable box and would only drink out of a drinking glass:

Life got busy and I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of Zoey for a couple of months. I will always wish I had taken more pictures. Zoey became a part of our household. She was well behaved - never bothered with the curtains and always used her litter box. She would follow mommy around every morning while I got ready for work and occasionally would jump as high as she could and latch onto mommy's hip. This did not make mommy very happy!

Then, one night in early March, Zoey was just no herself. And so my month of emotional hell began. I won't get into all the details of our saga, but after 3 consecutive days with trips to the vet, Zoey was exhausted and rested beside me in bed. This is my favourite picture of Zoey. It captures just how sweet she was:

We had plenty of ups and downs, but Zoey was a fighter. After hitting rock bottom one day, she rebounded and was doing quite well at the time of taking this picture. She was even more tiny here than she was the day I took her home.

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Even when sick (and all the poking and proding and food and medicine into her mouth), Zoey was always willing to pose for the camera:

After doing better for about a week, Zoey went downhill again quickly. She fought and fought, but eventually her body just couldn't fight anymore. After almost exactly a month of fighting, we put Zoey to sleep on April 8th, 2008.

I believe this picture was taken when Zoey was still doing well. It is the last picture I have of her. Again, she's cuddling with her daddy.

You can tell from the very beginning that Zoey was not a very well kitten. Now, looking at every picture, she looks like a sick kitten to me. From the beginning, you can see her third eyelid and she fur is scruffy. I wish I knew and had fought to get her treatment earlier.

In the end, I am glad I was able to give her a loving home for the last few months of her life. She was such a loving kitten, and I can't imagine that she was happy in the shelter. She was such a fighter and deserved to win that fight, but I only hope that she is in a better place now. I still think about her everyday and she will always hold a special place in my heart.

Rest in peace, Zoey. Mommy loves you.
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Oh was a beauty! I love the one of her under the blanket... I'm so glad she had a warm and happy home at the end. How sad you had to lose her so quickly. RIP sweetheart Zoey.
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Awww Bless her She is precious SO nice you gave her a loving home in her last months of life
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Zoey was a beautiful kitty, and I'm sure she appreciated you letting her enjoy life on her terms, with her quirky ways.

It's funny how when we lose a pet, all we feel are guilt, loss, and all the other unpleasantries associated with not having our baby any more; but to see a story like yours, I just think about how finite life is, how we're all granted such a short time, and how all we can do is try and make it better for each other. By that criteria, Zoey had a fantastic life, and you made each others life more fulfilling. And that just has to make you smile.
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I can tell from the pictures how happy YOU made HER. I'm so glad you were there for her, your story reminds me a lot of my RIP Smudge.
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Aw, what a sweetie You can see from the pictures that she knew she was safe and loved. That's a gift you gave her.

Rest in peace, Zoey.
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shes a beautiful cat and im so sorry for your loss, but at least u brought happiness to her life.
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