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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post

You know you're a cat lady when:

~You're in bed sleeping, and you try to be cautious when you have to move so you don't disturb the babies. Or you make room for them on the bed.

~You have a kitty photo album, and photos in frames of all your cats throughout the house. And you "update" them when a new addition arrives.
i do both of these!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i do both of these!
Join the club!!
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My two girls Tabitha and Daisy get christmas presents,which i wrap up away from them so they can't see what they are getting! They also send xmas cards to my other pets. They also get birthday presents, for TWO birthdays, to celebrate the day they were born AND the day we bought them home! Should i be locked up? :-)
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If you're strange, I'm stranger.
  • My cats get wrapped presents...and they're perfectly capable of opening them themselves once they smell the catnip.
  • They each have Christmas stockings just like ours personalized with their names.
  • THEY actually exchange gifts with all of the other animals in our my cats buy for my parents' cats, my brother's dogs, etc, and receive presents back from all of them.

Come to think of it, my whole family is strange...
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Originally Posted by rahma View Post

For my husband, who has gone from detesting Squeaky to bundling her up so she doesn't get cold and kissing her on her forehead.
I have got to get one of these for my boyfreind. His parents used to breed Burmans.

My cats don't get stockings or presents usually. I once got a toy riendeer witha bell on a string for Max and wrapped it, but he coudn't quite work out how to unwrap it himself. He likes to watch me wrap pesents and enjoys tearing up spare bits of paper.
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Ditto to much mentioned here. My fav is when my Moms cats send my cat a christmas card and buy her a gift. This year it was Greenies. Fun. She signs it with paw print stickers. Cute.
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I also keep their whiskers when they loose them,and put the into an album which contains their pics of them growing!Everyone i know thinks i'm nuts! Currently, daisy is in the lead,she looses a lot of them, while Tabitha hardly sheds any.
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i do wrap oreos presants mum thought i was insane
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