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A semi-decent picture of Alonzo Zephyr

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Zephyr did just fine through the night, apparently spending it in his bed box, and not being bothered by the fan on his heater as much as I'd feared. I spent the night at work worrying that the heater was a bad idea, and that the noise of it would drive him out of his shelter with it being so cold.

But, it seems that the fact that it made heat was enough to win him over

Anyway, he finally came out, in broad daylight, and did a very short walkabout (about 20 seconds) before diving back under the shed. He is quite muscular, and in very good shape. It seems also that 5 days of 3 premium meals a day is agreeing with him. Today it gets cut back to 2, and he may not like it, but he'll end up getting plump at this rate

Anyhoo, here is the new boy in town, Mr. Alonzo Zephyr

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Love those golden eyes!
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He has the greatest eyes! So handsome.
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He's so handsome
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He is a handsome boy!

If the fan on the heater bothers him, I found a heated bed for my outdoor girl. It's a plastic platform that heats up with a sherpa cover on top. The temperature of the platform doesn't go above about 104, so its safe for them to lay on. We found her on it last night snoring away. It was below zero here last night.
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OOOOOOOO He's a handsome fella!
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He is so handsome. I was following your other thread. I hope he gets comfortable soon
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What a handsome fellow!
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Oh he IS handsome! ...and I hate to tell ya - he already looks a little plump!

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