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Rats! Oklahoma City Stuck with 30,000 Mice

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OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - Oklahoma City police succeeded in busting an illegal rodent farm but now authorities are faced with the problem of what to do with 30,000 white mice seized in the raid.
Police raided the rodent farm on Thursday night, responding to a tip from a citizen who complained about a foul stench emanating from a barn in the south of the city.

When police arrived, they found the mice living in cages soaked with urine and feces, said Oklahoma City animal welfare supervisor Steve Lira. He said the mice were being raised as live feed for snakes kept as pets.

Lira said officials are now trying to determine what to do with the mice, which are being stored in numerous plastic cages in a garage at the city's animal control facility.

"We have completely emptied our truck port where the vehicles come in and have it totally filled with mice. We don't know what to do with them. They are sitting and waiting," Lira said.

"This thing (farm) was illegal," Lira said, adding that a person can raise rodents if he or she has the proper equipment and the proper forms and zoning, but the mouse ranch did not meet any of those standards.

Police charged Steven Burgess, 44, of Oklahoma City, with three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in connection with the unsanitary and unhealthy conditions in which the mice were kept.

Burgess reportedly told officials he wanted the city to take control of the mice because there were too many of them for him manage.

"He told us he wanted out of the mouse business," Lira said.


Hmm, just call the cats.
"Who let the cats out?"
Meow! Meow! Meow!
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I live in McAlester...two hours away from OKC.
I heard about that recently.

Poor rats.
They were treated so cruel...
The owner of them should be prosecuted!
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Did they think of donating the mice to a pet shop or feed store to sell? I know these places will take them if they are donated! Maybe as many as 50 to 100 a week. There are many reptile clubs that would be glad to get them as well. OK OK I know but snakes and lizards gotta eat too! Maybe a zoo could use them for their critters too. It's just a thought!
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Awww I Rats , That's Cruel

Poor Raffins...
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Call me stupid, but why would you want to produce more rats and mice when they are already a problem all over the world? I know he was a breeder but didn't he know to keep the males and females separate unless he WANTED them to breed?!?!?
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30,000.......that's alot, even for a breeder. He said they were for his pet snake, how many snakes, how many mice do snakes eat at one sitting?............People are strange when your a stranger, people are ugly when they raise (abuse) so many animals.
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I can think of a lot of petstores with feeder rats and labs who would love to get their hands on these mice, specially for free!

Poor things, nothing should be forced to live that way, I love mice.
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How sad!! I feel sorry for the mices
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