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Daily Thread Monday Dec 22nd!

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Whoa! Only 3 days until Christmas!!

Only two days of work this week and then we are headed down to London after work tomorrow.

Tonight my girlfriends and I are getting together for a belated birthday dinner...but I have so much to do, and no time to do it Oh well, it should be fun!

Thats it for now...have a great day folks!
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The last week of the Christmas rush!

I have trips today to Austin and Irving.

Tomorrow is Norman, OK.

Wednesday is still up in the air.
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I'm sitting at work and I'm downright anxious to get home. It's 8 degrees F with a wind chill of -18 F, and Alonzo Zephyr the stray is under the shed behind my house, I hope. I was afraid that the heat lamp wouldn't cut it, so I put a small milk barn heater under there too. He was kind of wary of the noise the fan made and was staying clear of it, but I'm hoping that once he figured out it made heat, he'd make peace with it.

I actually was able to coax him into the utility room with plans for him to stay there, but the instant I closed the door was akin to switching on a tornado. He wasn't the least bit happy being closed up inside.
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Working 9-6 today, so at least I got to sleep in a little bit. It's done snowing, but who knows how the roads are. I'll have to head out a bit earlier than normal so I can make it to work on time, just in case they're bad. Not feeling too good this morning, so coming home to probably just relax and eat dinner.

Have a good day everyone.
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Morning All!!!

Seems to be done snowing here as well, but boy is it ever cold, I just took the garbage out and darn near froze my butt off. The wind is just brutal.

I think today is a good day to tackle my closet from h**l, I have a poster on the door that says, Beware the dust bunnies are armed and dangerous, so that pretty much tells you the story. It should be an interesting project.

Other then that just a load of laundry and tiding up the kitchen a bit.

The kitties are window watching this morning, it's the first morning in a few days when they can actually see anything because it's not snowing.

Everyone have a great day
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work for me!

I have alot of reherseals in the next two days for the upcoming christmas masses and private lessons all day. Thankfully I got everything done during that snow day last week.

Have a great day!
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It's a cold one today. The high is only 28f(-2C) and it's quite windy.
Today Hubby's friend is dropping some maternity clothes for me. She was going to stay for awhile but her whole family has the flu This afternoon I have my glucose test and meeting a different OB(you never know who will be delivering at the practice).

In the meantime I have some bathrooms to clean and laundry to do. I am starting early so I don't have to worry about clothes on Christmas. The kitty blankets have to be washed before company comes Wednesday.

Have a great one and stay warm.
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We have a surpise visit from the sun today! Yay! so nice to see the blue sky and sun sparkling off all the snow. This is what makes winter nice (and driving bearable). I'll have to bring my camera with me.
Only 3 days of work this week. And it's shaping up to be not so busy.
Still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do....

Have a nice day everyone!
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Switched hours at work so i'm posting late. Tomorrow work 6 am till noon and Christmas eve 5 am till noon. I have several hours of cleaning and decorating to do before my 9 pm bedtime so why am I here???

Did the last of the grocery shopping-over $225 since thursday (*shudder*)

Cold temps once again it -1F and only a -13 F windchill-whoppee!!

Had to shovel once again by mailbox. All the Bobber and Bakker have cabin fever. Well they will have there Virginia cousins soon enough.

Off to housework.............
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