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Food aggression in kitten

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I'm fostering a litter of 4 kittens who are 5 weeks old and well socialized and super sweet. One of them who is the friendliest is food aggressive. There is no real hierarchy, the food is on 2 flat plates and split in 2 piles on each plate, and this one kitten growls when another kitten or I go near her food - it's a high pitched mean sounding growl too, not the grumble they do when they're playing. She also puts a paw on her food to "protect" it while she's eating.

I'm patting her when she eats to reassure her which she's fine with. Is there anything else I can do or will she grow out of it?
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my kitten does this with certain foods, esp fresh fish or chicken that i've cooked her myself. she even growls at me if i go near her. i don't know how to stop it completely, but when i do feed her these things now i put it out for her in a more private place and she doesn't seem so aggressive...
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So have you seen the video of the kitten being aggressive over broccoli?

Kitten loves his broccoli!
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I see many kittens do that ! I care for many strays and I think is normal.... usually it goes away when they grow ...
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I had that problem with both of my orphaned litters where 1 kitten in the litter was always more aggressive with food than the others. Sorry, I haven't kept up with the story on these kittens, but is the mother around to discipline them? If not, then it doesn't surprise me. Momma would put the kitten in its place.

Mine outgrew the aggression at an early age, but will admit that I feed the 3 "orphans" that still live with me in separate locations than the others, as they don't have the best food manners. There's no aggression, they just horn in on the others when they eat.

Great video (broccoli) Mike!
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