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My vampire cat

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I was experimenting with the film grain feature on my camera and asked Toby to make his scariest face... Here's what I got

Okay, he was actually yawing as I took the pic and it went off just before he completely closed his mouth

Here is him looking more "normal"

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He's SO cute, and that first pic is hilarious
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that IS scary!!!!
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WOW! Personally, i would be sleeping with my scarf round my neck with some garlick from now on!!
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I love the first picture! Good catch!
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Not as good as yours! but i think tabitha's scared herself with her teeth!
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lol I love that pic!
Here is Kuura in an invicible coffin
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Aww All Kuura needs is the black cape!! Tabitha's always showing her pearly whites in her sleep!
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