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dh caught the two kittens at work!! We found a home for one!!

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here are the work babies. This one needs ALOT of work. It bit hubby!! He had to go to the doc!
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and this one we found a home for. We are going to right up contracts that say the cat MUST be fixed and MUST not be declawed. Also they are to be indoor cats unless other wise discussed. Then we at least will have some piece of mind.
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Awwwwww cuties!!!

Congrats on their capture, and on finding a home for one. Does this mean you're keeping the other little sweetie? He/she looks just like a kitty I had when I was younger, named Frazzle
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Aw, poor babies! They're so little! God Bless your hubby for rescuing them.

I'm glad he's seeing a Doc - cat bites (and kitty bites!) can be quite serious.

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we might be keeping the biter. Someone fell in love with blizzy so I think we are find her a home I'll miss her dearly but she deserves a home where she can get lots of attention. And this person wasn't looking for a cat, but feel in love with her. So we will see how that works out.
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So lovely, so sweet and so innocent!

i really like your water marks, princess purr! :

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So glad to hear all this happy news for you!!!!

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They are soo adorable!!!
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They are adorable Val! You're really getting a hang on this rescue thing. Finding good homes is the toughest part, but necessary if you want to save more. (The biter is cuter IMO anyway!) Are these the kittens of the Mama cat your hubby caught?
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Cute Critters & Pleased to hear such good news , ( Awwwww Not so good about DH getting biten though , Sending Him Get Better {{{HUGS}}}

Hope you get to keep the other cutey
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Great news mate! Except for the 'biting' bit.
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What sweet babies.
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They are so adorable! Congratulations on the capture, and for finding a home for one of them! You are such an angel!
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they are the other kitties babies. That other kitty is down right EVIL!!! She meows all cute so you go over to her, and then she hisses and I SWEAR laughes!!! She makes this noise that sounds like she is laughing and freaks hubby and I out. We showed her the kittens and she called them and they called back. They have been apart of four days though and her being so mean, I don't want to put them back in. I think they are 8 - 10 weeks old. The one will go to it's new home friday I think, and the other one is going to be a project and a half. I have never been biten and do not want to be!
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Hey, I am soooo jealous of YOU! you keep finding cats!! Why can't I find any cute cats! BUT I am so proud of you that you do take care of these cats and find them a better home and be safe!!!

I think you should work for the homeless cat/kitten only at somewhere in order to get familiar and maybe get lots of discounts for cats' spay and neutar etc..

These pictures that you took of them are soooo adorable!!
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Val you and your dh are the best! Its getting hard to keep track of all the kittys you have coming and going!
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Val, You are an angel to take in so many kittens. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you with this little gal. I know your up for the challenge! I hope the new home for Blizzy works out. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Val, just approach the little biter like you would any other feral baby. She's probably scared to death and perhaps already had a bad expereince with people that causes her to react that way. Don't approach her, just let her get used to you two being there. Sit by her cage/box and read softly to her, give her food and step away. I know it's hard to resist that little face, but she needs to build up the trust before she won't react defensively.
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Tiny Licorice was like that when we got him, I trapped 4 of them and one managed to excape the trap but out of the 3 I did get, Lic was rotten. Once he could he ran at the kennel door and just kept doing that when I was there trying to change litter, water, food. Then one day I wasn't quick enough and he latched on and ripped and tore and death rolled my arm and hand. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, it still hurts just thinking about it.
When I brought the kennal in the house from the mudd room, the three were still scared but 2 were better at being held and petted, returning love. Not Slickity-Lic though, he was still mean. Finally, the other 2 were placed in loving homes and Lic, being so violent stayed, we opened the kennel door but he'd only come out to hiss or swat at us or the other kittys.
Altogether I think it took him like 6 weeks to come out and be comfortable, now he's a tiny little love bug, exspecially in bed, he to go under covers. He purrs so loud it vibrates the bed. I'm glad to have kept him.
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That's such a great story Dali! I love happy endings.

Val, that's happy news that you found a home for the other one. Good for you!
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Awww! That's so wonderful of you two to take care of those babies! They are so cute! Good luck with the one that needs some work!
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