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HattKatts, Sandie
I went through your websites and your cats are just gorgeous!!!!
I absolutely loved all of them!!
You know I have a dream of setting up an animal shelter if I had enough money to afford it. But I'm afraid here in Bulgaria it will be a heart breaking job as there are too many homeless animals and too many that are kicked out of their homes. This has always made me sad seeing animals on the street. I often tell my friends that if you feel troubled you just have to look in a stray dog's eyes and see what unhappiness really is about. The way they look at you when they know you're friendly and the hope in their eyes and the love they need to share it is so sad. I'm used to feeding a couple of feral cats and several dogs (stray dogs are much more common here than cats)and they are such a joy to me.
If I only could I'd take some of them in. My Eric is a rescue cat. Do you have any rescues? I wish I could even volunteer for such an organisation but their main purpose here seems to be putting animals to sleep rather than finding decent homes for them. I know it sounds horrible but it's true.....
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I think I answered the rescue question already. If you go to the page about us, it gives all my cats stories. I do volunteer with a rescue, but she is a no kill non profit. I could not work with an organization that euthanizes animals on a regular basis. Maybe someday you will also have a no kill shelter in the area.
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