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Has anyone fed their cat mice?
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Are you talking wild ?? Yes what Zoey catches she eats ...

Frozen some on here do .. a quick search will aid you ...

live from the pet store?? no I would not and in some areas it is illegal
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As far as I'm aware, there are no laws against feeding live mice to other animals. People buy live rodents to feed to snakes and lizards all the time. It would be kinder to kill the mouse first, and when I owned snakes I would always pre-kill the mice I fed them when I didn't have frozen on hand.

The one draw back of feeding rodents that I could think of is that it would be expensive. Pet stores charge upwards of a dollar a mouse. Of course, you can buy frozen much cheaper, but then you have to pay for shipping and also store the frozen rodents.
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I feed rats when mine have babies. Still trying to convince my gf to let me set up a breeding operation. If I bred and fed rats it would cost a total of $0.15 a day to feed all four of my cats (thats with making my own food which I currently do now since its cheaper than store bought). But four cats require a large number of rats or mice and more space than I have. One day though.

The only deal is ordering thousands, and I do mean thousands, of frozen ones off of the internet. Pet stores too expensive.
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Wow ! I did not know they would sell frozen mice !

My indoor cats eat only cat food would never eat mice - or I would never give them, only the outside cats that are hunters and bring us their trophy once in a while....
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Originally Posted by Hesster View Post
As far as I'm aware, there are no laws against feeding live mice to other animals.
There are, though the US is behind in animal welfare laws and does not have them. It is illegal in the UK, unless the animal will absolutely refuse all prekilled prey therefor at a risk of starving to death itself. It may be illegal in Australia and elsewhere, too.

I suggest the newer members use the search function to look for past threads on this subject. It's been thoroughly covered before.
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I could never ever ever.... beside, I think Lucky would play soccer with it, instead of eating it!
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