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is there another way to know your kitten?

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hello everybody,

i gave my kitten to an old classmate of mine for 18 days coz i had a problem keeping her (mom hates animals) ... he gave her back to me but since the first moment i felt as if this is not my kitten and i am completely confused about whether the one i have now is my kitten or he took mine and gave me another one ... i wanna know if there's a way to differentiate one's kitten from other kittens? i didn't microchip her before giving it to him and that's the problem ..

i will appreciate every reply, i really need your advice ...
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i'm assuming coloration is the same? if so, then probably not - you didn't have her long enough to really learn all of the little individual things, most likely.

does it really matter? again, i'm assuming you weren't 'bonded' - at that age, kittens are all very similar...
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both kittens are all white with fur, the same breed and the same eye color .. but the problem is when he gave the kitten back to me, it was noticably bigger and fatter and the behavior wasn't the same, my kitten was more scary .. i am really confused .. the vet said that the kitten i have now is a male , what i gave to my classmate was a female but i wasn't sure it was a female, i always saw something like a navel between the legs when she slept on her back, but i never checked her at the vet to see if she's a female, the person who sold it to me said it was a female .. another thing is that, when i got the kitten back i saw one black hair on the head, my mind told me that the old kitten had the same black hair too but maybe my mind is misleading me and this black hair wasn't there in the old kitten ... at last, there were some grey hairs between the toes of the behind legs of the old kitten along with a rough place between the same toes, this kitten doesn't have the hairs or the rough area ..
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because cats are territorial, being moved form one location to another could account for the behavior change. From the time a cat is a kitten to one year old (and sometimes older) they grow and change a lot. Just some things to think about.
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bigger makes sense - kittens grow FAST! the 'navel' thing sounds more male than female, to me - males usually have a round opening beneath the anus. females have a slit. [see this for examples: sexing kittens] the rough area could've healed in the time frame you gave. don't know about the rest - altho coat changes w/age, not usually that much in the time you've outlined.
but if this one is sweet, then i'd just keep him & assume he's the same as before.
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18 days is a long time in the life of a kitten; they can be unrecognizable if you haven't seen them for that long.
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yeah, i haven't seen him at all for the whole 18 days ... but the rough area remained for the months and a half he stayed with me b4 giving him to my classmate ...
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any further replies will be appreciated, please do not hesitate to share your opinion, it will be surely benefical ... thank u
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I have to agree with laureen. Kittens grow so fast before you know it your tiny little fur ball is a full grown cat. What you said about the "navel" does sound to me like it may be male. As for the fur a kittens coat colouring can change as the kitten gets older.

A kittens personality also may change as it gets older so that could explain how yours acts different.
I really hope everything works out for you and the kitten.
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Have you possibly just asked your friend if anything happened with your kitty while they had him/her? I assume if you trust someone enough to leave your baby with them for almost 3 weeks, you would be able to bring up your concerns? I am not recommending you accuse them, just ask if anything happened and mention your concern about the gender, etc. Though I’ve had ‘she’ kittens turn into ‘he’ kittens when I took them to the vet, its not uncommon.

I agree with everyone else – they can change a lot in a short period of time. But if you had her/him for a month and a half I would think you would know your own cat? Of course I’ve had mine longer, but I can tell my boys by the way they walk, meow, and even purr without seeing them at all, on top of the way they act. Its possible the kitty just needs some more time to re-adjust to you and your home before acting like himself?

If you genuinely do not believe this to be your kitten, speaking to your friend may help. Did they possibly get a kitten from the same litter and just give you the wrong one in return? Obviously this little one needs a home regardless of if he was yours before this and you were open to having a kitten – so if your friend insists that this is your kitten you could consider just keeping him and learning about how he is now.
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