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Here in NZ it's Clavulox and 2nd Vibravet
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I've seen many references to the use of Baytril in this thread.

Baytril can be a very effective "antibiotic"...what may be surprising is that it can also be quite dangerous...dangerous if the dosage is too high, and dangerous "in older cats". My overall take on this drug is that it's best reserved for difficult infections (inner ear, "deep" bladder/kidney) and not used "willy-nilly" (which might seem to be the "norm" in certain Vet practices).

Here are a couple of references: first, and also this one.

I would certainly urge anyone receiving a prescription for Baytril for "simple" infections to challenge your Vet on the necessity of using this as opposed to a "safer" alternative....and, if it is to be used, to double-check the dosage being prescribed: no greater than 5mg/kg of body weight.

I also have a reference from another site where a Vet speaks to these cautions...PM me if you want it.
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Reporting from WI

Alpine was given Clavamox for her UTI--a 2 week course.
That didn't work, so she's on Baytril for 7 days. I hope this takes care of her infection, I feel so bad for her!
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3 weeks ago I had one down with bloody pooh, after about 7 days of the runs. DR. ran tests, nothing bad...we think its IBD....so he gave her a shot.....then sent me home with Flagel....that is a med my DR.'s gave me, for yeast infections way back in the 80's. So thats what is used in Sunny So. Califorina.
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Here in north central WV the vet has twice given my male cat an 80mg injection of Convenia for UTI. It's a bit more expensive than the Clavamox (which I prefer) and the Amoxi, and I'm not sure it works well enough to justify the expense. (On the other hand, it may work well, but my cat has a behavioral thing going on with this spraying)
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