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Litter Box Trouble

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I have a 11 month old cat that went blind when it was spade.
In the last week she started putting her feet in the litter box and doing her business on the floor. I raised the box 2 inch's higher and she used it for a couple days then started hitting the floor again.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, this is my first cat.
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inappropriate elimination is often the 1st sign of a urinary tract infection. a vet visit to rule this out is recommended. once you're certain it's not medical, then there are some alternatives you can try - but they pretty much won't work if there's a medical issue.
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Since she is blind, and she does have her front paws inside of the tray... how big is the box? Maybe it is too small to fit her comfortably?
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I second both what was said above. I had a blind kitty, with the wrong box she missed. I actually used Rubbermaid tubs which are very high sided....but it took her a llloooonnnngggg time to adjust to getting in & out of one.

I'd have her to the vet to rule out any medical causes - while she may appear healthy, get her UTI tested (make sure they specifically test her urine) just in case. I have one kitty who when she has a UTI poops outside the box, but pees in there. She may well get in the box partway & remember the pain it caused her if she has a UTI & miss.
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she went blind when she was spade?!?!!
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Originally Posted by lunalover View Post
she went blind when she was spade?!?!!
happens rarely. EnzoLeya's Leya had the same thing happen.
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Originally Posted by lunalover View Post
she went blind when she was spade?!?!!
There is always a risk with anesthesia - no matter what you do. Going blind when being spayed/neutered in uncommon, but it has happened.
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I like the Rubbermaid container suggestion (once you're sure it's not medical.) A friend used to do that and it worked great. Her cats weren't blind but she had several and that gave her a super-jumbo box. She did cut a rectangle out of one side to make it easier for the cats to get into.
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I actually do use a Rubbermaid tub. I cut out a larger hole for her to get in the box. I moved the litter away from the front so she has to get inside to be able to feel it. I will take her to the Vet next week and get her checked. She has only wet the floor once in the last two days.
This morning she wet inside the box and pooped on the floor. The box is cleaned two or three times a day. Up till now she has never had any litter box problems even when she went blind and was not able to walk she would stumble into her litter box. She has used this box for at least six months
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