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How to litterbox-training an outdoor cat?

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Hello, I have a 10-year old outdoor cat who usually has simply gone to the bathroom outdoors. However, its really cold outdoors with a lot of snow right now, and he refuses to go outside; so he isn't going to the bathroom at all currently. Any tips on how I can get him to use a litter box? Its sort of urgent!
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Just show him the litter and he should get the idea!! It's really really simple, it's their instinct...
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It will probably help if you fill the litter pan with whatever he's used to using eg. dirt or sand
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Put him in a small room with the litter box (usually, a bathroom will work). Use as fine a litter as possible, possibly sprinkled with some dirt, and don't use a covered litter box. Keep him in there for a couple of days, and you should never have a problem with him.
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Try to find some Cat Attract litter (or the litter additive). It has a very earthy smell to it and my indoor/outdoor cats are drawn to it.
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yeah it may sound gross but take one of his poops from outside and put it in the litter box. then when he comes inside set him in the litter box so he gets the scent. it's a natural instinct for cats to bury their poo so he'll get the hang of it in no time. i had new born kittens use the litter box all by themselves with out training. (not when they were first born but after they were old enough to walk around...but the point is i had them since they were born)

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I am domesticating a feral due to illness. He is in the basement so can't hurt anything too much. I found the spot where he pee-d and put sand on top, he pee-d there again and I put sand on top, after awhile I put clay litter on top. Finally, yesterday I scrubbed up the whole mess with detergent and vinegar and put a box in its place. He's using it.
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