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Their First Communion...we're getting so old!

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Well, we left for a long weekend - our best friend's twin daughters (fraternal twins) had their first communion on Saturday. I'd never been to a Catholic service before, and I understand it was a special one because of the First Communion stuff... but 2 1/2 hours?

Thank goodness Gary was in charge of cameras for 2 families in addition to our own... I think he would have gone nuts.

But all the kids looked so great. Gary had great fun reminding everyone that we'd better take as many pictures as possible, because this is probably the last time - until they get married - that they're going to look like angels. The sad thing is, it's probably true!

Gary is godfather to Joey-Anne - who is a TOTAL tomboy. When we first saw them, he ran over to her and said "How about a hug?" Her response: she said, "Uncle Gary, I'm 8!" He said... and that means.... "Uncle Gary, 8-year olds don't hug very much." LOL! Of course, when there were no other people around she tugged on his pant-leg to get his attention. She said - I can hug you now. And don't worry - I still love you! He was smiling all weekend.
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Joey Ann is on the left, and Gianna-Maria is on the right.
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What pretty little girls! Their dresses are also lovely. And Catholic services for First Holy Communion are like that... ungodly long - - no pun intended.
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What a little angel, and so is her sister. With a name like Joey-Anne, of course she's going to be a tomboy

I've never been to a first communion, although I remember my cousin's daughter's baptism took quite a while...
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The girls are beautiful! 2 1/2 hours? Whoa, that's a bit toooo long!!

And Christy, I love the 'stormy' guy in your Sig - it's exactly how I feel sometimes!
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Laurie, LOL at the hug thing! It so funny when kids decide they are just too old for hug but secretly want them anyway. The girls look absolutely beautiful. We Catholics really know how to drag out a Communion.
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Cora, LOL! And I love your signature! That's hysterical! (And what a pretty baby!)

Christy - I liked the guy banging his head on the wall better. That's often how I feel with work!

And yes... Joey. Poor Joe (her dad). They had no boys.... so Joey-Anne had little choice.

And again poor Joe. For the first three years of the twins' lives, they all lived with Anna-Marie's (the mom) mom. And she is best friends with Joe's mom, and spent the better part of every day there and always ate dinner with them. And Joe and Gianna have an older sister, Alexa-Marie. So poor Joe lived with six women for three years, LOL!!!!!!!
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The girls are beautiful! I love their dresses! And wow, what a long service!
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Ditto to Viva
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