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Oh, my. What sad news. I'm so sorry for your loss. But this little kitty was supremely loved, and please don't blame yourself.

He will be missed. RIP, sweet little Henry.
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Oh, I am soooo so sorry to hear this, I almost know exactly how you feel, and I offer my hugs & support, this is a very hard time for your family. I am so sorry. *HUG*
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OMG I am in absolute tears, I can't believe that gorgeous little fluffball has crossed.

RIP gorgeous xxxxx

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I cant imagine what you are going through It's so sad. At least he is not in any pain or discomfort now.

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Oh no, that is so sad, RIP sweet little Henry.
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I am so sorry you lost Henry after his escape. I know only too well what it is like to see a cat go downhill and have to make that awful decision. RIP Henry - play free at the Bridge.
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i'm sooo sorry you lost your baby he was soo sweet and will be in my thoughts a prayers as you will be too
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I'm glad you got to be with your lil guy till the end. I'm sure he appreciated it. I've found it helps to write down good memories you have of him. It makes you cry. I'm doing this now for Kip and sometimes it's unbearable but it helps me to remember and always keep with me things about him I don't want to forget.
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I just saw this! I am so sad. Poor gothic_mermaid. Henry will never be forgotten.
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