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Early Morning Puking!!

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I have four kitties. All are indoor cats and eat a mix of dry/wet wellness food except for one that is on CD wet. Because of the one cat that has to be on a different food they are not free fed. They get fed in the morning and evening and I separate them into separate rooms while eating. Almost every night/early morning I hear one of them puking. Its driving me crazy! I'm getting tired of cleaning up puke almost every morning! I havent been able to pinpoint exactly which cat it is.......its not food from scarfing too fast, plus its much later - usually between 2-5 in the morning. No hairballs. Its generally liquid puke. They all have a clean bill of health. This has been going on for quite some time now and they did do it while on other foods before the wellness. They've been on the wellness for a few months now. They are not getting into something they shouldn't be. They get plenty of water. I have a cat fountain and I add some water to their food (I had a scare with my cat that has to be on the special diet so I now add water to keep things flowing). Any ideas???
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Which wellness???

I HIGHLY recommend calling and talking with the vet
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The "indoor" dry forumula along with the cans of wet "chicken". I've complained to my vet several times about it, but she did not seemed concerned. I love my vet and trust her very much. But I'm getting fed up! My rugs are all stained or light in the areas where I've had to scrub. I usually get awoken from the sound of puking and then later when I get out of bed have to step very carefully and hope I dont step in a "landmine". *SIGH*
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I realize you like your vet ( I like mine too ) but sometimes a second opinion is needed...

What other foods did they eat that this was an issue?? I suspect allergy but that is why I say vet time
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Blue Buffalo, Wysong, Nutro Indoor(after the recall I stopped this one....but this was what I mostly fed them for a long time) Also, they were getting mostly DRY. I only recently started incorporating the wet. But the puke amount is still the same.
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I suspect grain allergies ...

BUt a second opinion vet check would be in order .... I do realize it is hard without knowing who but ... Can you keep them in different rooms at night??
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Do you know if they're playing before this happens? I have one that barfs easily. Occasionally, I'll hear mine running around and wrestling in the early morning and wake up to find some vomit on the floor.

If it was just one cat, and that cat had been resting in the morning, I would wonder if a sensitive GI/possible acid reflux type problem could be the issue. Best bet is the vet, and getting up early or staying up to find out who is doing it. You wouldn't want to take the wrong cat to the vet for tests after all.
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You need to find out which cat has the problem, even if that means isolating them one by one overnight. I had a cat that was a puker for a long time and I worked with my vet to find a food that didn't cause the problem. He actually stopped puking the more wet food he ate. It was the grains in the dry that were getting to him. As Sharky said, most likely a grain allergy.

I have 10 cats and it's always a challenge to isolate the one that has these types of problems. I isolate a few cats at a time and rotate them through isolation to narrow down which cat has a problem. In your case, if they don't like to be alone at night, perhaps separate 2 of them together, then swap which cats are together until you figure out which cat is having the problem.
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Well, of course since I've posted the original post there has been no puking going on! I've also started to separate everyone when I feed them thinking that maybe they are scarfing and eating too much and it gives them a bellyache and comes back up later???? I'm not quite sure, but at least its stopped. I've also been feeding more wet than dry. And wellness wet is grain free. Next time I pick up dry I think I'll try the wellness core.....its supposed to be grain free (dry). Of course since I'm posting now saying all this I'm sure I'll get a nice surprise tomorrow morning lol.
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