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I'll be working Christmas Eve playing the organ for two church services at 6:30 and 11:00. In between I play Christmas carols at one of the local resorts for two hours. I was actually scheduled to work a 12-hour night shift at the hospital but was able to trade with someone else. I will be working Christmas night 7pm-7am.

There's not enough time to get to where any of my family are for Christmas Day so I'll probably just spend the time playing with my kitties. Oh, and I have to get some sleep before I go to work, too. It should be a nice relaxing day.
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Normally I work in a hospital in inpatient, so I have to work every other holiday. Luckily I'm in between jobs at the moment, so I don't have to work either. My brother in law does the same thing as I do, and he has to work a 12 hour shift on Christmas day this year.
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I have Christmas Eve off and we're closed on Christmas.
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I work on Christmas, but it's not a big deal because my family isn't getting together and I don't have any kids. I traded with a lady who has two young children. I work till 9pm on New Years eve, but that's not biggie either, we hardly celebrate.
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I will work Christmas eve from 8am to 6pm, get Christmas off. I will then work New Years eve for the same hours and get New Years day off. I did tell my boss I can work both days but they got other peeps to cover that shift.

I will be working on President days, and that day will get double time which is what I want. I have bills that need to be PAID! lol
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I work Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and New years day 7pm-7am. This year just doesn't feel like Christmas to me *sigh*.
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I have Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off because Wednesday is my regular day off. The O.R. is closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day, so those are both paid holidays. I'm on call Saturday and Sunday (12/27 & 28) and also on New Year's day. I usually work when I'm on call. No rest for the weary.
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Im working Christmas, an 8hr shift and the rest of the week. And I'll be working New Years Eve and New Years day. Actually I dont remember how long those shifts are, probably 8hrs too. Im a customer service rep. (call center for LL Bean) It's just a seasonal position so Im working as much as possible.
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My store is shut Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day & 2nd Jan which is unsual for a chain but awesome for me!

I only work part time so over the last two weeks from last Sunday, I'm only working two shifts One of which is tomorrow night 6pm-midnight.
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