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Loss of Bladder Control

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I took Chip, my 2 year old male that has been neutered, to the vet Thursday because he was peeing in odd places and found little blood in urine. He had a UTI and was put on Amoxil. Well, yesterday I noticed him licking 'down there' and drops of urine just dripping out....this morning there was a BIG puddle on the couch where he had been sleeping. I was wondering of this sudden loss of bladder control is due to the medicine or the infection and what I can do to help vets are open today and feeling a little panicked....don't know if I should give him his meds today or not..
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is there an emergency animal clinic?? maybe you can just call them and ask if that can be a reaction. good luck
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I even called the animal hospital next town over also other vets in surrounding towns...I live in an area where no one is open on sunday except the jail and wal mart....
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Would you like to join the yahoo group for uti's?
They might be able to help you.
I have a cat that has had bladder problems on and off for two years.
She has another problem right now and is on baytril.
My Coco has never lost urine from her E coli infections.
My sister cat had bladder surgery about 5 weeks ago and he never lost urine either.
Is there any er that is further away?
Our vet is closed on sundays also.
What state are you in?
I can check to see if there are any er's there.
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I live in the bootheel of Missouri...
How do I join the yahoo group?
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You need to have a yahoo screen name and password.
Here is the link to the group.

Here are some links.
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Went to the vet today and took a sample for him to run. He found crystal and said there were a lot more because it wasn't ran down yet. whatever that meant. He put him on Science Diet C/D cat food and told me to keep him on the medicine...tested him for diabetes and said that looked fine. Couldn't afford cultures but he said we didn't HAVE to do them yet, to see if this worked. He said the diet would take time but would dissolve the crystals.
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Are the crystals struvite?
If they are oxide they will not disolve.
How come he got C/D instead of S/D.
S/D is used to disolve the crystals.
C/D is so they do not come back.
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I took my Maverick into the vet a few weeks back b/c I noticed he was leaking urine, and it turned out that his liver enzymes were off (everything was just fine with his bladder, and he had no infection). I'm not saying that your kitty may have something wrong with his liver also, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to have a blood panel done just to be sure. My vet put Mav on some meds, and he hasn't leaked any urine since then: he also seems to be feeling better and has been more playful & loving (except when he's getting his meds, that is ).

I'm not so sure I would recommend feeding your kitty Science Diet. I've heard some pretty bad things about it. Maybe you could send Sharky a PM regarding specialty foods, b/c she seems to know quite a bit about those things. I'm not saying you should replace what your vet's telling you to do b/c none of us here are experts, but it couldn't hurt to check into it further.
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