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silly post

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This guy should have passed out a loong time ago with this bag over for so long..

Why is this person crying?

:icecream: You think this ice cream would have melted by now

:goodbad: This doesn't look like no angel to me..

I bet this guy has a head ache.

:jarswim: This guy should enter the "How long can you stay under water" contest...

This is going to be me someday!

How long can a person sleep?

YOu think he would have puked by now.

I think he has scratched himself bald by now.

Is this stork ever going to make it to the parents home?
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LOL Thats cute.
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Yeah I agree, very good tho arent they.

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You forgot
- who never gets anywhere,

- that his arm must really hurt, but he sure won't need to see the dentist for a while...

- who must have serious women-issues

And of course - - who really needs to "get a room"!!!

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Very funny, you are all so clever!
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Very Silly
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It'll be OK.

Somebody had a wild night last night!

This Sylvester aint never gonna get that Tweety!

That poor 'roo must be getting tired!
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I have a few too add , I Silly stuff like this

Wouldn't this guy have died of cancer or something , Coz he has been smoking all this time !!

I think these 2 would of broken the glass , having "clanked" them soo many times

Don't you think this would of worn it's teeth out by grinding them all this time??

I think this guy shaking his head would of given the message to the other guy that he doesnt want another beer
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Im in the moods for a couple more:

- what did this cat step in?!?!?
- Who stepped on his toes?
- I thought this is the CAT site!!!...
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I like them Nunny,
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