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Do you have lights on your house for the holidays?

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We don't but we enjoy seeing the ones around the city when we are out and about and usually set aside a night to drive around and look at them.

Every year, a guy who lives near me dresses his house up like something from the Griswolds. It is kind of a cult thing that everyone in the city braves the cold weather to go and see each year.
Here is his website : http://www.mpman.ca/christmas.htm (photos are still from last year)

and some videos I took with my camera, so not the best quality but you can see all the lights.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQlfmWxfyqc - his back garden (he allows people to walk back there to see them for a donation to a charity)


and closer shots of the front of the house
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dX8iL1cgsI (this one is still processing and may not show)
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We don't, but probably would if we had the extra money to buy the stuff. I'm not putting up a tree this year, either, b/c it's just gonna be too much hassle having 8-month old kittens running around. But I figure that by next year, they'll be "old" enough to behave themselves.
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ok, those people need to get a life! glad i don't have their electric bill!
i don't decorate my house for any holidays - the cats don't care, & i don't host any holiday gatherings.
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No I wish we did. We just moved to our very first house and it doesn't have any outlets outside. We had an electrician over, who took a month to get here and he wasn't friendly at all and wouldn't talk to me while he was here. I had asked him previously if he would put an outlet outside and when I tried to ask him he just kept walking Whatever..... next year I'll have lights!!!
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Nope - live in the country & no one will see 'em. Besides, I'm too lazy to want to put them up & down.
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I wish!! One year I did put lights on our deck and some big red bows. And then some kids from the neighborhood started coming around and pulling random bulbs out on us. (and just dropped them there on the ground) So it's just not worth tempting the kids around here.

When I have a house, I plan on doing lights and things; but not going to any extremes with it. DH and I went through a nearby church's light show tonight and then we went through one of the ritzier neighborhoods to see what they had up. Some people really do beautiful jobs!!
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I've got the lights and the hooks to string them up all around the house, just didn't have time to put them up this year. Also, in the past I've had my dad to help me but he is no longer able. Maybe I can get them up on Monday if it's not too cold and wet.
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No, it is too much of a PITA to put them up and take them down, especially here where it gets so cold. If we lived somewhere where it was warm in December we probably would, but right now it is -2 degrees outside, and there is no way I could get my husband out there to put lights up.

If we did have them up, we would only do a single strip of the big lights evenly spaced around the edge of the roof and that's it. We both agree that tons of lights and lights on bushes are tacky (no offense intended to people that have either of those, honestly). We just don't like them. We're purists.
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Normally I would decorate the outside with lights, my 2 reindeer, and these walkway stars....but lately, things haven't been so great, so I think I'm going to skip decorating the outside right now and just take it easy on myself, unless I change my mind. I did put up my reindeer wreath though if that counts.
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We put lights up at our mums house, we started it years ago and now most of the street put lights up too

Each year we add a few new lights or decorations to the collection.
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We have no lights outside.
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We don't have any up. Our cute old house doesn't have any outside outlets. If we did put up lights it would look like a gingerbread house. Maybe next year.
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Rob's parents put a strand across the front of the house - first time in the last 4 Xmas's I've been around! My mom goes all out. Not as much as the link in the first post though When I lived in NJ, there was a house that had over 100,000 lights on it everyone would go to see. It was insane.

When our house is done, I'd like to put up some lights
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I was one of the "others". No lights, but I do put 1 electric candle in each window. It's decorative, but little enough to be comfy.
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I have been drooling over some light on a neighbors house so one day Dh decided that he'd surpirse me and string up blue and white lights on the roof of the house! He also put out my Merry Christmas lights, but we never light them (look better off LOL) and I put up window clings, the glass tree that my grandpa gave me, and a fiber optic tree we got this year, along with a wreath on the door. He's such a sweetie!!!! I love him!!! If it weren't for him, our house would be dark and boring this Xmas.
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I live in an apartment without a balcony, but I do have lights strung along my windowsill. I keep them up all year and turn them on periodically just for the ambiance.

When I move next year I'm moving to a place with a balcony and I plan on planting some flowers in window boxes, and putting up lights on the railing. I've always wanted to do that!

My BFF parents had Christmas lights on their house all year long and they used to turn them on every single night, even in the summer because they were so pretty.
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I don't have any outside, but I do have them inside around my front window. I am way up on the 3rd floor and although I could put them on my deck and around my door, no one would see them except for the people way across the river.
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I voted "other" because I do have lights on my porch-- but they're orange Halloween lights. I was really depressed after Halloween (my dog died on Oct. 28th) and never got around to taking those down, and now they're covered in snow and ice so I am waiting for a thaw. I also have an orange-light Halloween tree in the front yard but as long as I don't light it up it looks like it could be a Christmas tree.
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I've never put lights on our house. I had a couple of those spiral trees but the lights quit working on parts of one of them and I couldn't get them all back on again. Due to the early snows we didn't even get the wreath up on Neil's garage!!.
I do have 4 containers with mixed evergreens and red twig dogwood. My bench in front of the house with the watering cans are filled with greens too.
I used to put the electric candles in the windows facing the road but its a pain unplugging/plugging them all the time!
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I have some on the inside of my dining room window. They look pretty from outside.

I love seeing all those crazy houses were people have gone all-out to decorate, especially the ones combined with music. It seems there's quite a few people out there doing it these days.
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I do, infact all my neighbours do

I have lights up outside like these ones

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I don't have lights outside because I need an extension cord and I don't have enough lights. I just have some inside around my window. Next year, I hope to have a lot of lights outside in the bushes and hanging from the eaves at my apartment.
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Our outside decorations consist of a Santa Claus and a snowman figure stuck in a windowbox planted with evergreens. I usually put "snowflakes" on the windows, but didn't get around to it this year.
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nope I live in an apartment so no place and I can't put lights around my window because my cats like to attack anything that is on the window (I can't tell you how many time I have had to replace my blinds because of them)

I tried to put up window clings and the kitties pulled them down.

so no decorations for me! I just have a tree...thankfully they leave it alone
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Haven't had lights outside since I lost my job 5 yrs. ago. Like another poster said, it's a real PITA to put 'em up, take 'em down, put back neatly in boxes, find storage for those boxes, not to mention the big stuff. Yeah, it looked pretty and it used to be fun but, not so much anymore, 'cause I'm getting older and slower and kinda aggravated with all the prep time involved. Besides, my electric bill is quite high enough as it is, thank you very much!

In my area, most of the houses are undecorated. It's a recession, ya know?

ETA: Someone around here started a business of decorating peoples houses outside. You buy the stuff and they put it all up and take it all down and store all of it for the remainder of the year. They charge a minimum of $700 and up to $7,000! Gee, it must be nice to be loaded!!
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I have lights around the windows of the summer house in the garden - it has little panes and looks really pretty; if we had some snow it would look like a little mountain house.

We also have some lights in the little bushes outside our front door - they are icy blue tny bulbs and look pretty twinkling away there.
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Living in an RV poses unique decorating issues.
I do have an honest to God porch though, and I have it outlined in multicolored rope lights.
And next to my porch I have two solor tiki torches, and each of those has a big, red velvet bow on it.
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No we got caught with a blizzard the past week or so and no time to do outside lights. We just got our tree decorated today. Went out twice to shovel the driveway so I can get to work tomorrow.

It was minus 20's with wind chill today.
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No, I didn't manage to get mine up this year. We were out of town over Thanksgiving, then I had meetings the following weekend, and we've had snow and nasty weather ever since. So no lights this year.

It's OK, though...our next door neighbor has enough for both of us.
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I like looking at other peoples lights, but we don't bother putting them up. It's way too cold for us to be outside doing stuff like that! Also, we live 6 miles off any main roads and there are only a few houses on our road after you reach our house before the road turns into a dirt trail and our house is WAY off the road. So basically what I am trying to say is, it would be a waste of time for us to put them up! Non one is gonna drive way out here to look at Christmas lights!
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