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I'm new here (long)

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Hi there folks, I'm new here and more than a little unsure about whether or not I'm getting this right. Just because I have the user name doggyman doesn't mean I don't love cats, I am actually a dog trainer/behaviourist. I have 4 dogs and 5 cats, so the cats outnumber the dogs. The oldest of our cats is about 2.5 years, and the youngest about 18 mths.
In order of coming to us they are
Cristy: he is stone deaf as a result of an ear infection before he came to us, he also had a severe case of ringworm which only showed up about a week after we got him, he has turned out to be one of the most affectionate and loving cats you could hope to meet.
Snowy: he has a very low immune system and is permanently on a homeopathic medication to keep it up, he had to have all but his front teeth removed because of constantly reoccuring gum infections, he is also a lovely natured cat.
Buddy: he is completely blind having had his eyes removed when only 8 weeks old because of cat flu, his other senses have developed so much sometimes you would swear he can see, he is not quite so loving or wanting petting it only happens when he wants it.
Sooty: the only one in full health, lovely nature, cheeky monkey.
Amber: our constant worry, she is the youngest, had her about 11 months, she is a feral and came to us when about 7 mths old virtually impossible to handle at present, but I am hopefull for the future however far ahead that may be, at present she has scratched all the fur off under her chin on the chest and on one side of the neck she has been on antibiotics and steroids for this I'm not sure if this is due to stress I know it is not fleas, has anyone ever come across anything like this I could do with some help.

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Hello Doggyman , I Have both cats & dogs , Welcome to THE CAT SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look Forward too seeing pictures
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I am sure you are right about the stress! I would try to give this littleone as much room to hide as possible. Keep her alone in a quiet room, play soft classical music. Give her food water and a private litter box. Go into this room and read to her, or sing softly. Do not approach her in any way. After a while she will learn to trust you and will come to you for attention. She just needs time to adjust.
Best of luck with all your kitties! Send photos when you can!
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Welcome to the site! Even though it is The Cat Site, we're all really just animal lovers, so your dogs are most welcome here as well.

How wonderful of you to care for special needs kitties! I'm sure they aren't so much needy as just special to you.

Amber will come around, it just takes time, patience and love. Sounds like you have lots of all of those. Teresa's suggestions are great. Check out the thread The Story of Lucky: Socializing a Feral. It is a LONG thread, but it has about every tip possible from the feral experts, and of course there is a very happy ending (beginning?) with a socialized and very happy and loving kitty. As for her scratching, it could be stress. Perhaps you could try a Feliway Comfort Zone Plugin in her room (it emits the happy pheremones that kitties smell when they rub their faces on things) or even Bach's Rescue Remedy in her water (that's an herbal de-stressor, works for humans and cats).
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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
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Welcome I look forward to getting to know you and your pets. My kitty is doing the same thing to her furr I also dont know what it is from. Do you have any pictures?

These are my babies they are all rescues. All but one born ferril.
This is Misser This is FreewayThis is Bitty This is Iddy And this is Skittle
It is very nice to meet you. Thank you for being so kind I know it is hard taking care of special need cats.

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Welcome to The Cat Site!!! You are such a special person to care for these precious special needs kitties...I look forward to posting with you and hope to se pictures of your furbabies soon!!!
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Hi doggyman - welcome to the board! It sounds like you have your hands full at home with all your furbabies. It's very good of you to take in babies that need special care. Hope you enjoy your time here with us!
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