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I did it!

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Thank you all for your help!!!!
Head bumps all around

Now my only question is how do I get them a little bigger?
Oh by the way my babies names are in order: Misser, Freeway, Bitty, Iddy and Skittle.
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Congrats on figuring out the photos! It's tricky at first.

Oh, your kitties are just beautiful!!
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Yes, your kitties are beautiful! Congrats.

I tried to make your pictures bigger for you, but they got all blurry. I guess it's because they started out so small. Sorry.
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Love your cats!!!
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You have some cute kitties!!!!
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Hmm, Imagestation must have changed things again to save bandwidth.

In the address you copied and pasted, they put a .thumb.jpg at the end. Delete that when you put it in the IMG box, so instead of this:


you have this:


Which will show up like this:

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Thank you all for the sugestions. Valanhb do you have any pics of your cross stitch? I also enjoy this hobby.I will take some photos and post them so you can see.

Thanks again
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What beautiful babies!!!!! Glad you figured out how to share those pics with us!!!!
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Shannon, I did post some pics a while ago (before Christmas!). Unfortunately I've been so busy lately I haven't been stitching much. You know, once they add another 5 or so hours to the day I may be able to get something else done! LOL You can see them here about halfway down the page. I'd love to see some of your work too!
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I will take some photos and post like when you said they add a few hours to the day LOL! And considering that I have this new obsesion here it might even be longer.(LOL again!)You should see my house, I cant get away from this stinking computer! I'm having fun talking to you all. Have a good night talk to you soon.

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Awwwwwww Well Done , I them all , But Skittles IS the cutest
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