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Do cats shed when nervous?

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Speck has short hair and doesn't shed much at all. However, when we take him to the vet, his hair falls out right there on the table. He left so much on the scale once that you could have knitted a little sweater, lol. Do cats shed when they are nervous or scared?
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YES they do ...
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well, don't know about ALL of them - but my Pixel certainly does!
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My two DSH certainly do - the boy more so than my girl. Usually they stop once we're home for a bit, but boy, the hair drifting around the vet's table....
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Yes, absolutely. It's an instinctual reaction to an uncomfortable situation.
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Last time I took Max to the vet I think he left enough fur there to make a whole new cat.

It's weird - like a porcupine losing their quills, how cats can seemingly just "let go" of fur like that!
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Mine get delayed reaction shedding when nervous. Willow especially. She doesn't shed any more than usual at the vet's, but the next day it seems you could get enough hair off of her to cover an entire cat.
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Oh yeah! Both of my girls shed like crazy at the vet.
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I could knit a sweater out of hair Lilly will drop at the Vet. She can shed an amazing amount of hair.
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All my cats shed when they're at the vets or in the car except Fluffy she is never scared or nervous
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My short haired cat sheds at the vet but not the longer haired one. When he's finished at the vets the table, the floor, the vet and I are covered with hair. I can't imagine what it would be like if my longer haired one did the same thing.
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Yes! Actually it's one of the only times Freya does shed.
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