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Supervised outside play

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How many of you let your kitties have supervised play in your back yards?

I took Onyx and Gibbons outside today while I was there to watch them and let them roam around and chase bugs.

Gibbons mostly wanted to lie in the sunshine and eat grass, while Onyx had to explore every corner of the whole yard. I guess I better break out the Advantage Flea Control if we're going to have these little 'outings'

Both boys are exhausted now, and sleeping on my bed
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I agree with you that I love it when cats got tired from outside and came home.. The cats are easily to get exhausted and be quiet..

Me too. I do let our furry boys outside in our backyard to wathc them for hour or so. it depends on hours etc.. Like you did with your cats. Jude is so desire of trying to find an escape but always come back.. Tavish likes to lie down on the floor and get some tan or eat grasses. Both of them like to chase bugs as well.

But we will move into a big house that has no fences. I think they will not allow to go out in our backyard until the new fence will be added evetunally. i feel bad for my furry boys but they should be okay for a while.. It should keeps them busy sniffing all over in the new big home..
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That is great! I'm sure they love going out with you! Just be sure all shots are up to date!
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I made the huge mistake of allowing outside visits. Now every time I open the door, I have to watch for Georgia and Fred to trip me. They are currently outside, refusing to come in. This is the second day in a row they have gotten out. Georgia pounds the door with her paws, and screams incessantly . ALL DAY LONG!!!
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I have a group of cats that live indoors & outdoors and seeing as my cats are breeding stock , I can not allow them to go out side, sometimes I will take a few kittens out in a basket and let them roll around the grass
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