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Bonnie's babies are 2 weeks! Pics inside!!

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Well, it's their two week birthday and they're doing so great! We've got big ears that are open and can hear! The babies are already self-grooming, it's so cute to watch them licking their legs and chest. They have been doing this for a few days now.

I did notice one weird thing that I know I read about last year when we got our Devons, but hadn't seen it until now. They have like brown dirt on their front claws and I don't have a clue how they would have gotten it. I can't seem to find where I read about it, so I'm hoping someone can tell me what this is. Their bedding is always clean, as it change it every 2nd day.

Here are the pics, some blurry but you get the idea


Dale on a cruise

Tortie-girl with spots on her tummy

Tortie-girl gettin' a rubbin'

GiGi has the biggest ears so far

Oreo went back to bed
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Awwwww!!! Widdle baybees! So cute!
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OMG!!! They are sooooooooooooooo cute!
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Last night, I was woken up by something going on in their was their dad laying in there with them and Bonnie and he was cleaning bums LOL. I watched them until I made him get out LOL. Bonnie had left to get a bite to eat, and he stayed in there to "babysit". He did this with my litter of 8 this summer. He has again assumed a role of parenting with these ones. I wish I had my camera up there to snap a pic of was sooooo cute.
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They are all adorable....but GiGi is my favorite

Cute story about the's one of those things that makes you go "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
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Oh, what sweet babies..keep the pics coming!
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Pictures are plentiful but I'm trying hard to resist until they're on their weekly birthdays.

I just had my next door neighbour, 2 of her kids and a couple of their friends over to see them. The kids thought they were just adorable. They were so good too, being gentle etc. My neighbour is going to be housesitting when we go to Cuba at the end of January, so the one boy (almost 12) was quite excited to get to come over to watch and play with them while we're gone...he's also on litter duty LOL. They have 2 of my kittens from the litter in the summer who they love more than life, it seems. LOL
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OMG how cute are they!
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OMG they are so cute! I want one!! No... I want all of them!
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Thanks Naia, I would have to agree with you, I want them all too!! But, two of them are going to our friends--one as a wedding gift and they want to buy a second one...they have picked them out

I am though, getting two sphynx kittens in 3 weeks, so I shouldn't be too upset...AND I still get to raise these guys for a long while yet...I love them.
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The brown "dirt" is probably not really dirt at all. Devons have very little hair like Sphynx and therefore produce lots of body oils and there is not enough hair to absorb all the oils. I call it "gook" and it forms in the folds around the toe nails and in the ears of Sphynx. A non-scented baby wipe will rub it right off!! You will probably need to clean the toes atleast once a week. No Biggie.

Wow they are really looking cute now!!!
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Lele....thanks soooooo much for that. I know that the oils can and do build up on devons, but mine seem to be pretty good. They clean each others' ears so my job is pretty easy. The kittens though, haven't had access to the mandatory baths that my other cats do LOL Bonnie has though been cleaning their ears the last couple days now that they're open, but I haven't seen any gunk built up yet.

With the kittens though, I didn't even think about it possibly being the oils...duh!! I have a whole new tub of baby wipes I can use on them...I bought them for litter training mostly, but now I have a second use

Thanks so much lele for that info
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