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I know most who live or have lived back East (North East mostly) and in the Midwest get this already... but if you decide to venture out in the snow or rain (because it gets slick too), drive slow and be careful.

I live in an apartment complex in the northwest side of a hill in Portland, OR. Actually, I've been told it's a long-extinct volcano, but that's beside the point here. My building is right on the corner of the complex, at a somewhat major intersection, lights and all. About a half hour ago, as I was walking out to take some garbage to the dumpster, one car didn't start stopping far back enough and started a chain reaction, coming down the hill next to my building. As far as I can tell at least three vehicles were involved, the front car with a young mother and her baby in the car. Fortunately, no cross traffic was involved, so it ended up as mostly a fender bender. It could have ended up a lot worse... I've seen worse on this corner (not snow involved though)

Unfortunately, folks here on the west coast don't understand driving in real snow (they still buy chains right and left for their tires... not to mention the brisk business of snow tires, neither of which I ever used back east).

So a gentle reminder for all out there affected by the snow storms: drive slower, brake gently and sooner than normal, accelerate gradually (foot off brake, coast into your acceleration). Only go out if you absolutely, positively HAVE to.

Back East: Anything else I'm forgetting? I know... common sense.... but if I stated my comments about its presence in Portland in this post, I'd land this thread in IMO

Amanda (listening to people spin their wheels outside)