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Question of the day Dec 20th.

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Let's so another TV based question today. Again for all you Crime Drama Buffs. Which would you choose.

NUM3ERS VS Without A Trace.

I have watched both on occassion but would have to say the NUM3ERS would be it for me. I find that it has better story lines and I have been a Rob Morrow fan since Northern Exposure.
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Without a Trace!!!! I LOVE that show!!!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Without a Trace!!!! I LOVE that show!!!
Me too! Positively love Without a Trace.
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I've watched both and don't really care for either one. For some reason, I do like all the actors on Numbers except for Charlie the math-whiz. Go figure.
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I liked Numbers but I would pick Without a Trace it's more interesting to me.
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i don't watch either of those, altho i've seen both. if i had to pick one, i'd pick NUMB3RS for the male eye candy
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Definitely "Numbers." I just can't get into "Without a Trace." I have watched a few episodes but they just don't hold my attention. Of course I'm a geek and like how they can solve crimes based on math. Pretty cool. Plus Larry cracks me up. I like the show much better since they got rid of Megan. Between her accent and her mumbling I couldn't understand most of what she said. Not to mention her voice drove me up a wall.
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I love both but NUM3ERS holds my attention more.
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Of the two, I've only ever watched Without a Trace. It was alright, never really got into it.
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I like both shows... but you can tell my preference by which one has a Series recording set up on my DVR: Num3ers... I wish more geeks looked like Charlie... I'd date one then... all the geek boys I meet are ... well, they don't look anywhere NEAR like Charlie.
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I don't care for either but prefer Without a trace.
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