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Saturday!! What are your plans?

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Morning all!!!

Little late getting here this morning I was on the phone with my sister and sometimes she talks, and talks, and talks.

Brutally cold here today around -22C with a windchill of below -30C. Guess I won't be out and about much today. I don't mind the cold all that much but it certainly doesn't agree with my arthritis so my best course for today is to stay inside, sip hot chocolate and cuddle with the kitties.

Have a bit of work to do on one of my scrap booking projects so that will keep my busy for awhile and I am sure I can find some sappy Christmas program on TV.

The kitties are good this morning, all three are lounging on the chair beside my desk giving me the why aren't you playing with me stare.

Everyone have a good day
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I will be staying in since it is cold and since I am broke till tuesday. I will be watching the baby and tv lol and doing laundry and dishes. Oh and I will also be making a roast later.
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I'm getting snowed in!

Unfortunately - this means my foster dog cannot go to the rescue, as transport is off cuz I can't get out my driveway. Hopefully it clears up tomorrow so he can go before Christmas.....
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Going to the PetSmart later to help with pet photos with Santa. Actually, I will be looking after the kitties while other volunteers deal with the crazy people.

Then my sister and her kids are coming for dinner and a somewhat early Chanukah party. Homemade potato pancakes (latkes) anyone?
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Good ..
I´m at the ofice... as all saturdays....
Nothing exciting for today, my DW goes to her office party but only employees, DH or else are invited.........well I figured I could go at the cinema by myself...
I hope every to have a great day!..
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well i woke up with an excruciating headache so i tooksome ibuprofen and trying to get rid of it, today i will be going shopping with my mom, prob to do my last minute xmas shopping, we will prob grab i bite to eat to. the cats broke their fave toy so i might stop and pick up a feather refill for it. other than that its going to be a lazy weekend ill come home later and me and BF will play with the cats and cuddle on the couch.
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Blizzard/Snow today. We finished up Christmas shopping last nite before the storm today. But we are working on getting our tree in the house and set up. Will also try to finish the baking stuff this afternoon.

Will probably decorate the tree tomorrow after church. They are talking about possible canceling service because last week there was a blizzard on Sunday and the pastor doesn't want anyone to get hurt driving down to the church.
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Well, it's still snowing outside. I thought it was supposed to be somewhat stopping this morning, but it keeps coming down. We've probably got 7-8 inches or so. And we're now under a winter storm watch for tomorrow through tomorrow night, with about 5-9 inches coming. I told my mom, I don't care how much it snows this weekend, but PLEASE don't let it snow Christmas Eve and Christmas

I'm waiting for the snowplow driver to come plow our parking lot and when he does I'll be moving my fiance's car so he can have a better shot of clearing out the spaces. We're some of the few that actually move our cars for him, other just let him plow around them. Then, they move their car to a clean spot and leave the dirty spots for the people who moved their cars. People here irritate me.

Shopping when the fiance gets home from work. Was going to go during the day, but he took my car to work since I have the snow tires and he doesn't. Other than that, a quiet night at home like usual.

Have a good day!
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Light but steady snow storm with a heavy helping of spinning wheels and whining people on the side. COmmon sense about winter driving is not something Portlanders are known for.

it's about 25F out right now, I've been up since 8am, despite it being my day off, and I'm doing dishes, laundry, and trying to get some sewing done. I was trying to make pot holders for my brother for Christmas, but the binding I'm putting on the edges is making me nuts!!

I have to ship today, but as my apartment management refuses to salt/sand/de-ice the parking lot (and we're on a slope) I may be shoving everything into plastic garbage bags and waiting for the bus, so I can hit the post office. Or everything will be late as I'm not ready to go out there and the best one to get to by bus closes in four hours... I'm not ready... I don't have to go in to work Monday until 1pm, so maybe I'll just focus on wrapping and such. and maybe battle the evil pot holder binding once more...

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The weather is freezing (not sure the temps) - but otherwise clear.We do have snow on the ground though.

Earlier I did some more shopping...both grocery and Christmas with my mom.It was alright.I didn't get cranky for once with the crowds.I am now chillin' at my mom's for now,checking some internet things out after finishing my lunch of cheese and crackers.

I am invited to a potluck tonight at my friend's,but prolly not going.
I had a long,yet fun night with very little I will probably stay in tonight and relax.
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Uh, get up, get dressed, and function? (I've been laid low with a horrible stomach virus since Wednesday night.)

I feel proud of myself--I have actually gotten up (at 11:30 AM), came downstairs, then had to lay on the sofa until 1:30 PM, as I felt so weak; but I now have showered, washed my hair, put real clothes on, emptied the dishwasher, and started a new load. Yes, I know it's 3:16 PM! But at least I'm up!
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trying to finish up chapter ten in my novel. maybe do some cleaning later.
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Good evening. This morning we went to get our haircut, had lunch out, I picked up a book to give my niece for Christmas (and picked up a couple of books for myself :/. Then the afternoon we took some gifts to some friends of ours and had a Christmas cocktail with them. The rest of the afternoon was spent reading.
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We slept until about 9:30, left for work around 10:30. I worked til 4:30 (ALLL overtime ) and Rob worked until about 5pm. We left for Logans Roadhouse for date night. So yummy Now we're home, and both tired Probably will watch the last Dirty Harry movie, then go to bed. Rob is going to work tomorrow (I was nice and said he could work tomorrow and I wouldn't get upset because I'd like to leave earlier than 7-8pm this week, and want to leave work by 3 on Xmas Eve to go to my parents'), so we have to get up early tomorrow, ew.
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Originally Posted by MargeCat View Post
Uh, get up, get dressed, and function?
That's my plan for today. (I know it's sunday, but I saw that and thought it was funny)

If I get that accomplished, I might try and do a little bit of Christmas as well.
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