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The saddest day in the year

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It's the Eve of Rememberence day in Israel - the saddest day in the year. All you can watch on TV are programs about wonderful people who were killed and how much they're missed. And the radio plays only sad beautiful songs. Pulls your heartstrings. I cried an awful lot this afternoon... War is a terrible terrible thing. So many families in Israel have lost dear ones to wars during the 55 years of Israel's existence.

This evening we light a candle in memory of those brave men and women who gave their life so that we can live here.

Just had to share.
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It must be very touching, Anne. I wish Memorial Day had that much significance in the US. Now it's more about a day off from work and a picnic than remembering those who have fought and died for us.
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Sending thoughts of support and rememberance to TCS members in Israel.

I wish we took rememberance days more seriously here in the USA. Unfortunately, any day that has a title that goes with it is turned into an excuse for shopping and partying. Bravo to Israel and other countries that really do take the time to remember those who have been lost in times of war and conflict.
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Setting a candle in my window tonight to honor those now departed.
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I don't undertand this site... but it is beautiful!Candle Memorial
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Lizza, and anyone else who is interested, BableFish can translate the whole site for you. At the first screen, just copy the address of the webpage you want translated and paste it in the right box. It will bring up the whole site in whichever language you choose.
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We called several friends in Israel earlier today.

Our thoughts are with you all.


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Thank you for the links ladies. My candles are lit and I am said prayers for the dead.
I'm glad remembrance day is not commercialized like memorial day and veterans day are here in the US. I think if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it.

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Thinking of you Anne and will be lighting a candle tonight.
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Thank you everyone for your support! Laurie, I'm sure Gary has lost friends in battle during his years in the IDF - my thoughts are with him as well today.

We have two memorial days every year - one for the holocaust and one for the soldiers. Both are taken very seriously and are very painful. As the years pass, I think the holocaust becomes more distanced (though in no way less shocking or forgotten), but unfortunately soldiers die here every year so the IDF Memorial Day always has fresh wounds so to speak. They sound the sirens once on the Holocaust Day and twice on the IDF Memorial Day (once on the Eve of the day and then again in the morning at the time of the ceramonies that take place at the military cemetaries). We just heard the second one. Everyone stands up and gives respects in a moment of silence during the sirens call. Hubby was taking a ride with a collegue last night when they sounded the sirens. Of course, all the cars stop and everyone gets out and stands next to the cars. He told me that it was a very moving moment for him, as that collegue, a Lieutenant Colonel in his 40's, was actually crying, having been reminded of friends he has lost in the wars...

Last night they has a program with orphaned kids writing letters to their dead fathers in heaven. It was heartbreaking. After a while I just couldn't watch any longer.

By the way, neither Memorial Days are holidays here. People go to work and kids go to school. Most places hold ceramonies in honor of the day but no one would dream of going on a picnic...

Well, tonight we make the sharp switch - it's the Eve of Israel's 55th Independence Day and tonight there will be celebrations and fireworks and everything. It's not easy making the switch from mourning to celebration but it's done so we won't forget the ones who in sacrificing their lives made it possible for us to be an independent country.
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{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Anne & Everyone else needing one !!!!!!!!

My thoughts are with you
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It was very touching to see all your support of Israel's saddest day. It is indeed very sad - we all have someone in the circle of friends and family that died in the fight for Israel's freedom.

It interesting how this day ends, and the next day is Independence Day, and we all try to "switch moods"... its hard, but very moving.
We're celebrating 55 years of existence tonight! we're such a young country... practically a baby comparing to other countries

I hope our existence will get easier as time passes!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week/weekend to be!
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Oh Anne, my thoughts and prayers are with you on this day...it must be very sad. Please know we are thinking of you.
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My heart is with you and the families of all who have lost loved ones. You are observing the day as it should be observed, with reverence.
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