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I love storms!

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yes! i love them! i love lightning, thunder, RAIN, hail.

i love storms, the big, noisy, scary kind.

the ones that remind of us of our childhoods and how we were amazed
and scared to death at the same time, well, i still feel that way !

last night we had one of those kinds of storms, Cameron and i lit a dozen candles,
and watched it from the windows.

it was the kind of lightening that makes you wince, because you know in a matter of seconds
you'll hear this "CRRRRRACK BA-BOOM!".

it's so amazing! i think it's one of the most beautiful things i can witness.

i LOOOOVE these types of storms, as long as I feel no danger !

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I like storms as long as the thunder isn't too close or too loud...then I get really nervous!
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I love storms as well. last weekend it rained the entire time, and we had a couple storms. I was all cozy in the bed under the thick soft comforter, one kitty was laying next to me & the other one was laying on her perch in front of the bedroom window. my boyfriend was on the computer, happy as a clam. I kept laying there thinking 'I don't think it gets much better than this' I love moments like those.
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awww, Colby, i have had moments similiar to that, they are the ones we'll remember.
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Kate, ANOTHER great thread!

I too love thunderstorms (when I don't have to be out driving in them). I love a lazy weekend day where the sun is shinning and it is warm and then you suddenly feel a brisk breeze and the sun fades as it disappears behind the stretching fingers of a pending storm.

I love to sit outside and watch a storm move in, listening to the foreboding rumbling in the distance and the bluish flashes of a far distant lighting from behind the moving cloud cover.

Sometimes, if Helen is with me and a storm rolls in and the rain begins to pelt down from the sky, we will take a walk in the rain, allowing out clothes to become soaked and we shuffle thru pools of water as they form. It can be a very liberating experience to walk in the rain.

Other times, alone, I love to put on an Enya CD, open a window and sit and just stare out at the rain as it pelts down upon the world and I imagine each drop to be a different thought in my mind, each it's own, but part of the greater whole, mixing upon the ground where it can no longer be seen as a sole/single thought/drop.

Thunderstorms can be invigorating, scarey, foreboding, refreshening. It can be many things, but it depends on my mood as to what a storm will mean to me on any given day.
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