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Update on two guest cats

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My stepdaughter moved back in after breaking up with her b/f. In case anyone is interested I posted here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=180816
and here is a thread with a video of one of them

SD is now letting her cats (Izzy and Bella) roam the house and for the most part things are going well. I wasn't thrilled about it because I didn't want her cats and my dogs meeting unsupervised but sometimes you can't tell a 22-year-old anything.

Her two little cats are very friendly but not dog savvy. A few days ago I saw that Sophia, being a dog who wouldn't hurt a fly was trying to make friends and the shyer one of the two was doing her best to growl at Sophia. Sophia of course didn't understand that this was an unfriendly noise so I got her away from the kitty. The dogs understand that the cats are pets except if there is a chase sequence going on between Brady and his two new girlfriends at which point they try to join in.

Brady has made friends with the two gals - they play romper room all night long. One her the two kitties was in heat and was trying to come on to Brady. Fortunately he is fixed. Hubby was there to see it and said that she was doing her best to get his attention while they were both on the hallway steps. He ignored her and then got up to go eat.

Speaking of which I noticed he was putting on weight. I thought maybe this was because it is winter and he isn't going out as much. Then SD told me Brady is snitching food from her kitties! She free feeds them in her room and doesn't want to stop free feeding. As hubby put it, Brady said to himself, "hot diggety! Two babes downstairs! And they have FOOD!" It finally dawned on me that I might be able to put a stop to this without shutting Izzy and Bella back in her room. I once tried feeding Brady Felidae and he wanted no part of it. Maybe if I get a bag of Felidae and give it to SD to put in their feeder, Monseiur will turn up his nose at it and stop poaching their food.
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Brady is probably wondering about the female in heat: Whats WRONG with HER!!?????
(Or... hmmm... I know I'm SUPPOSED to do something....what could it be?)

Good thing he's fixed! Sounds like he's in boy cat heaven!
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When my Yorkie was still with us, she ate everything she could get her mouth on and she would eat until she couldn't move ('though I never let her get that far, of course). Out of sheer necessity, I bought a table just for the cats, and that's where they've eaten since then.

It's a very inexpensive BJ's deal, and it works really well. A piece of cake to keep clean, too.
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I'm not sure if the table would work in our case. It's my cat who is poaching my stepdaughter's cats' food. The guest room is kind of cramped as it is with no room for a table for the cats food. And really we do not want to train them to jump up on tables. I got a small bag of Felidae today so maybe that will solve the problem. Sooner or later she WILL move out so at the latest that will take care of it.
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Oh, sorry! Somehow I gained the impression the poacher was a dog. Yeah, a table won't do you any good.

Good luck!
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