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I am so happy I have found this website. I am new here and in need of some advise...please.

I have two resident cats a spayed 10 years old female (orange tabby - Peanut) and a neutered 2 1/2 year old male (solid black - Boo Boos).

My neighbors across the street have about 4 cats and let them out all year. We feel sorry for them and feed them. They do go back in their house and seems to come by us to eat. One of the cats, a 1 year old female tortie never wanted to go back to their house and pretty much adopted us as her family. We talked with our neighbors and asked if it would be ok to adopt her and they said it was ok because they knew we would take good care of her. (They are young and I do not think they can take care of them)

While the tortie (we named her Patchy) was outside all of that time, my male would see her outside and I would exchange pet scents by petting each one and letting the other smell it. Once we got the ok from the neighbors, we took her to the vet and had a complete check up on her, all shots, etc. She is spayed already too.

About a month ago, we brought her inside. She has been around other cats outside so I thought she would be ok with mine. We set her up in her own bedroom and she hopped up on the bed that night and was very comfortable in the house. For a few days I kept the door closed (I should have done it longer I think) then we exchanged scents, let them see each other, fed them by baby gates and let them have supervised visits. At first they pretty much ignored each other and then Patchy (the new female) would chase and attack my male and did it a a couple time to my female who ignored her.

My male, Boo Boos and the new cat Patchy stare at each other constantly and he is very scared of her and will howl when she comes too close to him. When she sees him, her tail will puff up (it also puffs when she gets excited and plays alot too) and she does this kind of snort a few times. It seems like she always wants to chase him and a couple times she cornered him and they were fighting. My male is such a mamas boy (I really made him a little baby everyone tells me and he was always a little skittish)

I started all over again and keep her in her room, let them out and then put them in a room and let her out. She will go by their door and sleep curled up by it but as soon as she sees them it is the starring, a few snorts and a puffy tail. I am afraid to let them out together because I think she is going to chase my male again. He is getting a little better and will not hide right away when he sees her but I know he is still scared of her.

I am not sure what to do and want this to work out. I have not tried the feliway and was wondering what I should do next??? Please help.