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New adopted cat- acts like spraying, but nothing coming out?

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We adopted a 7 YO male neutered cat yesterday from the Humane Society. He is a sweetheart and only took a couple hours last night before coming out from under the bed and investigating.

My question is; he acts like he is spraying. He backs up to walls, etc and his tail quivers, but I have looked at the areas he "spraying" and there is no moisture or smell. Is the amount that comes out so little I wouldn't be able to see or smell it or is he just going through the motions of spraying and actually not? I've searched the internet and can't find any info about how much urine actually comes out when they spray. Help!
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I have had a cat that does that. He was neutered after he reached maturity.
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My one female does that, when she is very happy about something she does it, when I come home from work and also when I am about to feed her, she backs up to anything, walls, furniture, etc. and starts quivering the tail, but nothing ever comes out.
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Thanks for your replies...I was worried that maybe he WAS really spraying and the mist was just sooooo fine that I couldn't see it? It's good to know he really isn't! He does it when he's purring, so it's not when he's stressed. This cat is the most loving thing, but we are at least his 3rd home, so I keep asking myself...why has he been given up twice already? There must be a reason! I was hoping this wasn't it. I'll keep an eye on things.
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Aww hes happy.

You know people can give up cats for all kinds of reasons not necessarily having anything to do with the kitty. He sounds like a true love muffin
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My 5 y/o Rufus does the same thing and, yeah, it freaked me out at first. We've had him since he was about 6 months old, had him neutered immediately, so don't know where he got this idea.
I've had males that actually did spray and believe me, when they do there is absolutely no doubt about it.
Sounds as if your new boy is a pretty happy camper (as I've decided Rufus is).
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Harley does this too, she'll back up to something and quiver her tail, but she isn't spraying anything at all. It's usually only when she's excited or happy (she's always purring when she does it). I'm glad to have read this post and not find out she's the only kitty doing it!
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Abby is 6 years old, and recently began spraying but nothing comes out. I too have searched the internet, but I can't find an answer to this problem. Especially when we have company, this is embarassing! If anyone has a solution to this problem with Abby, please respond immediately. Thank you
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Clyde does this too, also when he's particularly happy. I contacted his former owner, and she said that was what she noticed it too. We call it "happy tail". There definitely is no "spray" coming out. I think it's just the tail/hindquarter motion they do...
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Thank you for putting my mind at ease. "Happy tail" is one of my Peaches' favorite things to do... but he does it ONLY at daddy's leg. Thank goodness it isn't a going to grow into one big, stinky problem. Hugs! -V

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