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Sea, my foster 7-month old Balinese baby kitty (plenty of pix)

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Hi all

About a week ago, i was informed that i will be fostering a Balinese rescued kitty. She is 7 months old. From what i was told, i gathered she was abused before, and will not do well with kids.

Yesterday, i picked up my foster kitty from Berkeley Humane Society. She was spayed there. When i picked this lovely baby up, she feeling pretty groggy (from the anaesthesia.) She was went through several tests, and got rabies and vaccination shots. Wow.. So much done at one go... i felt her pain!

It was pretty obvious Sea was abused before. When we got home, she hissed, growled and was pretty ferocious. She even scratched me, and i bled at two hands. Oh well. Might be the pain that was getting to her.. poor baby!

i was told NOT to feed her, just to give her water. i felt something amiss, as she was meowing. Balinese kitties, i read, DO NOT meow for NO reason. So, i fed her with some grilled chicken (FF) anyway, and she ate quickly. Her legs were wobbly but she was starving!!! She ate half of it. This morning, all her food was gone.

i could tell she was very frightened by the new environment.

Here is two pix of her room: - The guest room, actually. It has a window to widen her perspective, and a tv. to provide entertainment

Here is a pix taken last night: - she was eating grilled chicken

My friend Jonathan, who lives two block from me, has filled an application to adopt a kitty at California Siamese Rescue. i was hoping he will adopt Sea so that i can keep a really close eye on her, and on how he treats her.

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Here is a close up of Sea taken on 5.5.03, Monday morning (during play session.)

Here is Sea having breakfast:

Can you tell she is enjoying her shrimp and fish feast?

Got her a new litter box with a matching mat. Here is Sea playing WITH the mat.. :flash: :flash:

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Here are some pix of Sea at play.

i got her a scratchy pad, a bon bon toy, and some other tiny toys to amuse her. Here, she is enjoying her scratchy pad (she really flips over the catnip, by the way...teehee!)

She feels better today, even purred when i petted her. It takes time to build trust.

We had several play sessions today. Here is a pix with an interactive toy that has a lot of stuff on it (very busy toy, i tell you.)

Here, i used a butterfly to tease her. She likes both toys. Actually, she likes ALL toys.. such a baby!! Darling, she is a darling-dear, i tell you!

She enjoys the THRILL of catching the buggy!! Teehee!

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Shirley, She's a beautiful blue! She looks content, except in her closeup! I so hope your friend can give her a home! Wouldn't that be wonderful? I'm sure, given time and patience, that she'll come around, and recognize love when she feels it. Please let us know the outcome. Until your update, give her a pat from me!
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Yes, i agree with you wholeheartedly : she is a gorgeous blue point.

i felt bad she has been through so much. This morning, i cried reading an email from Denise, the lady in charge of the California Siamese Rescue.

She wrote me about Sea, and i can tell this baby's life has not been a bed of roses indeed.

Hoping the best for this lovely baby.

She let me kiss her today. Yesterday, no. Today, yes. :

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You must have the magic touch! This kitty seems to trust you already! I guess she got the thumbs up from your other kitties! lol What a beauty she is. I bet no one ever played with her before... that is so sad but now she has you and soon a furever home! Great Job!
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Thanks, Teresa - i think she trusts me more than yesterday, and that makes me really really happy!

i just went to be with her, just hanging out, lying on the bed with her, and loving her. She purred a lot. Again, she scratched me. Oh well.

i am kinda used to kitty scratches. She got her rabies' shots anyway, so the scratch marks do not bother me as much as they bother my hubby...

She decided to sleep near the window, on the arm chair, all by herself. So, i let her be for a while.

Actually, she does NOT get along well with my furbabies. Sea is in the guest room all by herself for now. Yesterday, while i was doing the dishes, my hubby accidentally let her out. She and Venus almost got into a fight. She growled and hissed at Venus like madness. She pawed at Venus, but missed.

i quickly separated them. Venus was so frightened!! Venus, i believe, has not encountered anything like that before. That accounts for her sweet personality. Daisy is completely chicken.. She was hiding, (she is, btw, very afraid of Sea) which at that time, was a pretty smart move... teehee! :

Here are some pix taken while she is at the armchair. i can tell this couch is "hers" already... teehee!

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Lucky you! She is so beautiful!
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i guess the person who eventually adopts her is the blessed one. i am just a foster mom. i guess my role is to give her a peace of mind or now, and to establish human trust.

She was abused by both human (two teenagers) and a female kitty (from another foster home) before.

i really like your pix of the big kitty hanging out at the tree... very cool!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Well she certainly looks happy now! Good job, and nice nail polish.
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Thanks Angel !

i painted my nails myself several evenings ago -- baby blue color... hehe! i am not really fond of red or pink nail polish. i have to go to the manucurist for my favorite color: french nails! Very neat!

Well, i hope she is at peace now. She is actually eating now. At least she has not bitten for the last few hours.. Whew!!! Teehee!

Sea is still a kitten, and she loves to play. Here are some pix of her playing with her new toy:

She really enjoys scratching on the pad:

Here, she is trying to grab the catnip toy found inside the scratchy post.

Smiles and Cheers!
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I give you kudos Shirley for rescueing Kitty Sea... She is lucky to have a loving, caring, mommy like you are. May she live long and prosper under your care.
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:flash: Sandra, thanks so much for caring. It is truly appreciated!

Here is a pix of her playing. i entitled it "Sea with sea of toys."

(Hope you guys don't mind too much when i keep including pix Sea in my reply posts, i just love taking pix of her -- i include pix of Sea when i sent emails to rescue center, sending updates of Sea's well-being)

Added note: The pom pom toy (left, blue pom pom ball, attached to a white mouse design pad) in the pix is a hit with many kitties! i gave one to Sandy, another rescued kitty, and he loved it. He went home with one. It is from Target and is reasonably priced at $2.99. Good buy, i deemed!

:flash: :flash:

Curious Sea:

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I think Sea likes having her picture taken. She is one beatiful kitty, and you are one beautiful lady for being her foster mom.

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Jude.. yes, i think Sea does not mind at all to have her pix taken ... whew!! At least she does not bite or scratch me whilst i snap away.. whew!

Here is a pix of her catching her feather toy. She likes to play with interactive toys. Seems like this is her favorite of all interactive toys so far. One evening, i forget to keep it in the toy carrier, and she mutilated many of the feathers. Teehee! (All pix taken on 5.10.02 morning):

Sea sleeps on the bed now. When she first came, she was too frightened to jump on the bed. These days, she sleeps there. Sometimes, i take short naps on "her" bed with her. i just changed the bed sheets this morning.
i entitled this pix "Sea playing with Meowmy":

Sea has sharp claws and teeth. i wonder when she will stop biting and hurting her Meowmy??

Gradually, i hope Sea will get along with Venus and Daisy. She tends to paw at Venus A LOT! Daisy dashed into the room, jumping onto the window sill this morning. Here, Sea is seen "cornering" poor Daisy.

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It looks to me as if Sea is one spoiled and happy kitty. She has a bed worthy of royalty!
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Jeanie, Sea's meowmy (me) likes throw pillows and a lot of cushions. i think she likes cushions and pillows as well. So, i lavished her with a lot of soft stuff. Possibly, she finds comfort in them?

i placed the stuffed soft toys -- teddy bears and Stitch on the armchair to keep her company when she is hanging out there...

i think she enjoys being spoiled. i am just happy when she does not bite or scratch me.. These days, she seems to be eating MORE wet food than dry ones. Oh well.

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More pix of sweet Sea:

:flash: :flash:

Hi Sweety!

Sea wondering about Daisy:

Sea with hanging toy:

Sea enjoys hanging toy:

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