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Bad cat gets into everything!

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I have a 9-month-old kitten that constantly gets into cabinets, chews on wires, chews on plastic, and has even managed to open the metal door under the stove and get behind the stove to chew on the electrical wires! I have had her since she was three months old and this behavior is only getting worse. I have tried to block her from getting into the cabinets but she always manages to work her way in somehow. Water spraying and loud noises startle her temporarily but she always goes back to the bad activity within a minute. This behavior doesn't seem to be a way of getting attention because we are always in the room available to play with her when she does it. Her behavior is so bad that I have to keep her in the bathroom when I am gone because I am worried that she might hurt herself if left out. Any advice will be helpful since I am desperate. She is a very sweet and loving cat when she wants attention but can't seem to stay out of trouble!
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Hopefully, someone with more cat chewing experience will be along shortly to provide advice. But here are a couple of suggestions. First, use bitter apple spray on the electrical cords ... cats USUALLY hate the taste. You can get that at your local big box pet store. Second, get her kitty kong chew toys - yes, like the doggie ones so you can redirect her need to chew onto something appropriate. Three... I don't know how much time you spend playing with her, but that will also redirect her energy into something constructive. Hope that helps somewhat.

Also - does she have lots of places to climb and explore and hide, like a big cat tree? That might help, too. Incentivize that too... with treats or catnip. Whatever it is that she likes.
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Welcome to the teenage years....and good luck!

Cover the wires in wire protectors, I know some have found them in places like Home Depot. I myself used double sided tape on the wires. Baby locks for the cabinets - or else use the failsafe "chair in front of cabinet" method.

LOTS of toys - get a few different wand toys & play interactively with her 2x a day for 15 minutes each time (I do morning & night).

She is a bored kitten - I promise eventually she'll grow out of this.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Welcome to the teenage years....and good luck!
I was going to say the same thing!!

Yup, she's a teenager and she's acting appropriately like one. Just be glad she can't drive your car!

How do you feel about getting a second cat around the same age? Then they have each other to wear out.
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