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But worth it! We had a 70 serving sit down Christmas Party to cater tonight. There were three of us plating, and four serving and keeping drinks up. On the menu?

choice of Prime Rib, Mushroom Chicken or Fried Catfish

Baked Potato or Baked Mashed Potatoes (mashed, mixed with cream cheese, sour cream and chives, baked, then with cheese melted on top)

choice of grilled veggies or green beans

dessert choices were white chocolate cheesecake, pecan pie or chocolate cake.

All our dishes and tablecloths have been loaded back in our vans and brought home.......time tomorrow to get them all re-packed and washed and re-packed in the case of the tablecloths and napkins. For now though.....time for bed, lol!
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Wow, everything sounds like it was soo yummy!!! You can come cook for me anytime!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Wow, everything sounds like it was soo yummy!!! You can come cook for me anytime!

Lol, we have a habit of cooking frozen pizzas or pot pies for ourselves,,,,,,
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That sounds delicious!
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WOW!!! That was quite an event. A great menu too!! (could you share the mashed potato recipe??). You deserve a good rest after doing all of that!!
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Rest? Would have loved to stayed home and rested all day today, but had to do some Christmas shopping for our program at church tomorrow night....ugh!

The potato recipe is very easy, and very easy to increase/multiply the number of servings too.

Make instant potatoes with water only (measure water both for the amount of water and milk called for)
For every two cups of potatoes, add a tablespoon of chives, and an ounce each of sour cream and cream cheese, Mix well, salt to taste, pour into a baking dish, bake at 325 until just starting to crust over and barely, barely brown, Top with shredded mild cheddar (or american slices work in a pinch), return to oven to melt cheese. enjoy!

I have learned that it improves the flavor if I add the chives to the instant potato flakes, then pour the hot water over them, it "rejuvinates" them a lot better.
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