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Best. Ham. Ever!

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We made Christmas dinner tonight and for the ham I used this recipe:
it was amazing! And the glaze would also be wonderful on Chicken. Before we put the coke in it it tasted almost like a bbq honey mustard. Yummy!
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That does sound yummy. I probably wouldn't use Coke though. Molasses and a bit of sugar, water and lemon will probably give the same taste at a fraction of the price.

So far as the coke in the roasting pan, not sure what that is all about. The water from the coke is what is keeping the ham moist, not the sugar etc found in the coke. I looked and you don't even use the coke from the bottom of the pan in the glaze, so it seems like a waste of the coke when plain water would have done the same job so far as moisture is concerned.

I'm not sure if I'm cooking ham on Thursday or a large chicken. If I have ham I'm going to try that recipe though!

Thanks for sharing
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I was watching 'Good Eats' on HGTV last night and Alton Brown cooked, what else, a couple of hams. He used Dr. Pepper as the liquid in the pan, said it gave the meat a little extra flavor. He did recommend turning the ham over half way thru so the soda could penetrate the whole thing. Of course, his glaze/crust went on near the end of the cooking time cause you can't turn a ham over when you have a glaze/crust on it.
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