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New :)

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Hello. My name is Stacey and I own two baby cats and my roommate owns a brand new kitten. My baby cats are sisters - Niko and Mischief who will be two years old this July. I like calling them baby cats because I really don't think either of them consider themselves much older then when I got them at kittens. Mischief still tries to lay on people's shoulders like she did when she was small enough to comfortably lay on a shoulder. She's a cutie. Mischief is a mixed colored tabby with amber colored eyes which I think are so awesome. Niko is a bit bigger then her sister and she is a classic gray tabby who is the most affectionate cat I've ever been around. Most of the cats I've been around before owning my own were aloof and distant, but Niko just sits on my lap for hours purring and then chases Mischief around the apartment.

The kitten is named Isis and she's an Egyptian Mau. She's nine weeks old and since getting her I never realized how big my cats have gotten. It's quite a surprise to see kitten Isis next to Niko. Isis is fearless and makes the cutest little sounds. She sometimes makes this rolling r sound when she's playing that I've never heard either my cats make. She's very vocal and very high spirited.
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Welcome to TCS , I Mau's ,
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Welcome to the site! I still call my cats "Babies" too, even though they are 3 years old. All three cats sound like wonderful kitties. Please post pics when you can. We love seeing everyone's kitties.

I look forward to getting to know you, Niko, Mischeif and Isis!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Your kitties sound soo cute!! I sure hope you have some pictures to share with us sometime! we love pictures over here!!! welcome to The Cat Site and I look forward to posting with you!!
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I don't have any pictures of Isis yet. I am trying to find software for my digital camera that's cheaper then $80 so I can take more pictures again. Isis is such a cutie.

But I have pictures of Niko and Mischief!
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Happy to have you here. All the people are very kind and helpful here if you have any questions just ask.Hope to see your babies soon.

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Welcome to the board, Stacey! I checked out your babies' pictures... they're just adorable!
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I like your bee'bee's
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What pretty girls you have!!
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Thank you very much.
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Very pretty babies you got there.

All of mine are babies, even old Samwise how is 15 years old.

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Hi Stacey! I love your baby pictures!!
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AHHHHHHH, ur kittie is so cute. I have one like that but mine is grey
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Welcome Stacey!!

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