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Vibes for my Sister-In-Law please!

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I need some vibes for my Sister-In-Law. Well, she and my brother are divorced, but I still consider her family.

She's been off work for about 8 years with one health problem after another. Five years ago she had a tumor the size of a small orange removed from her brain: it was benign.

A couple months ago she found out that she has benign tumors in her colon. While they are benign, these tumors are at high risk of becoming cancerous unless they are removed. However there are so many and some are so large, that they can't just remove the tumors, they have to remove her whole colon and give her a colostomy bag She did get a second opinion and that is the opinion of the second doctor as well.

She was supposed to go in for surgery today, but she went to her doctor a couple days ago and her CT scan results were in. They found a tumor on each of her kidneys. While the doctors are hopeful that they are benign, from the CT they appear "unusual" and the doctors have told her that it's possible that they could be cancerous.

So now her colorectomy surgery is on hold and the surgery to go in and explore and remove one of the kidney tumors is pushed ahead. They are hoping to get her in on an emergency basis in early January. They plan on removing and testing one kidney tumor and if it turns out to be benign, they are going to assume that the other one on the other kidney is benign too. If that is the case, they will schedule her for the colorectomy surgery, where they will go and do a cryo procedure on the other remaining kidney tumor at the same time.

If the tumor isn't benign, it will mean her having to have 3 separate surgeries, and undergoing chemo and radiation, and possibly the rest of her life on dialysis if her kidneys are damaged.

She also has a Hepatic Hemangioma which is also a benign tumor, but it's causing her pain on her liver and also needs to be removed at some point.

So any vibes and prayers that you can send out to her would be greatly appreciated.
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Poor thing. She'll be in my prayers. Keep us updated on how things go for her!
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Thats a lot for one person to have to deal with.
Sending so many vibes her way
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Having to deal with all that, especially around the holdiays would be so hard....I hope she gets some good news
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Oh wow, that's terrible! I'm so sorry this is happening... Sending lots of vibes for your sis-in-law to be strong during this tough time, and that things on the medical front are not as bad as they seem
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Lots of prayers and vibes coming your SIL way..

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I'm sending lots and lots of prayers and vibes her way... Hope all goes well for her.
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The poor, poor woman. I hope she receives some good news soon. It's wonderful that she still has you as family; this must be so incredibly hard for her. Sending loads of good wishes &
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Sending mega prayers and vibes out to your SIL & your entire family Bless you for still being family in heart & spirit, no matter the legalities
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Oh my goodness! That poor woman. Many good vibes coming her way. She has so much to deal with.
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Well, the news isn't good

The biopsy results came back and the tumor they removed from the right kidney is cancerous.

She had another CT scan a week ago and on the left kidney one of the 2 tumors on it has doubled in size over the last few months. They also noticed that the tumor they removed from the right kidney is starting to grow back. Plus there is lymph node involvement. They see a lymph node next to her aorta where it connects to the kidney blood vessels. That lymph node wasn't there in the previous CT scan.

She has another test of some kind tomorrow.

She had gone to her family doctor on Friday last week and after talking to her for a bit, the doctor got on the phone to the surgeon who told her to send my sister-in-law to the hospital for admission and some further testing.

She went to the ER and sat there for 2 hours. Once she was in the actual assessment room, the surgeon's resident came to see her and was blabbering about how urgent it was that they do aggressive chemotherapy immediately. Bonnie had no clue what he was talking about because she hadn't gotten any test results back as yet.

Finally on Tuesday after spending 4 days in the hospital waiting to see her surgeon, he came and told her about the biopsy results. The resident had been right, sort of. But he was wrong about the aorta being involved. It was only a lymph node, not the actual blood vessel itself, at least not yet.

She's looking at further surgery, maybe next week.

The thing about renal cancers is that the sooner they are caught, the better, because they are rapidly spreading. And the type of cancer she has is highly aggressive, and the fact that the tumor they removed a month ago is already starting to show signs of returning, and the fact that there is a lymph node involved are not good signs

They knew about these growths back in November and they kept bumping her on the OR slate for 3 months until my nephew called the College of Physicians and Surgeons and told them about what was going on with his mom and how she was being bumped.

I don't know if it was caught early enough, but even if it was, the estimated 5 year survival rate is only about 60%. If it's spread, she's looking at measuring her life in months, maybe a year or so
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I am so sorry! Poor girl! Many many vibes for her treatment to go well, the surgeries to be successful, and for her to be strong to fight!
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I'm so sorry to hear what's happenned. Plenty of and prayers for your sister-in-law for her surgeries to go well and treatment to go smoothly.
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Linda I am soo sorry to hear the news about your sister-in-law. This must be such a devistating blow right now I will keep her in my prayers.
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Bless her heart... I hope a miracle appears for her. vibes:
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Awww Linda. Your SIL is in my thoughts - as is the whole family.
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So sorry to hear that! Your SIL is in my prayers.
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for your SIL. Cancer sucks!
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I am so sorry to hear this. For you SIL
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Bless her heart. I will be praying for her.
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She called me today. She is scheduled for surgery on Monday at 11:30 am.

They are going to remove that 8 cm lymph node and explore if there is any vascular involvement with the vessels from the kidney and/or the aorta. Plus they are going to see if there are other nodes involved.

She sure could use all of the TCS vibes that you can all muster up!
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Goodness.. one thing after another has been hitting that poor woman for a number of years. I'm so sorry to hear the news about the cancer.. that is just devastating. But I know she's especially lucky to have you as such a caring family member & friend.

Sending out prayers & vibes her way.. especially on Monday! You keep us updated and remember to take care of yourself too! Maybe it would keep her spirits up to know that a community of crazy cat ladies (with the crazy cat men of course!) are rallying for her.

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She is finally going in for surgery this morning!

When her surgeon told her that he had no idea how long it would take to get her into an OR, she started making phone calls. She talked to someone at our health authority here and the next day, Friday, she got a call from the surgeon's office telling her that she was scheduled for April 6th. The girl said she would call back that evening to confirm.

Friday evening came and went, no phone call.

Bonnie isn't well, and she needs her sleep, so when she goes to bed she turns the phone ringer off. She woke up on Saturday to a message from the surgeon's secretary asking her to phone her and she left her cell and home phone numbers. Bonnie phoned both and left messages on both. That afternoon she still hadn't heard from her so she called and left messages again. She did the same thing that evening. His secretary never called her back.

On Sunday morning she called those 2 numbers again and again left messages. At 12:30 pm the girl finally called her. She told Bonnie that because she hadn't been able to get hold of her all weekend to confirm the OR time, that she had to cancel Bonnie and put someone else into her OR time!!!!!

The girl never stated what she wanted to talk to Bonnie about. She just said "call me back" and left 2 phone numbers which Bonnie had left messages at 4 times, and the girl never called back! When Bonnie pointed that out the girl said "Well, I was in the office all day on Saturday making changes." She never once told Bonnie to call her at the office!

All she had to do when she left that first message for Bonnie was to say "Call me to confirm the time" and Bonnie would have left confirmation when she called and left 4 messages.

She felt she was being jerked around by that girl, and I tend to agree. So she once again called our health authority and threatened to go to the media about it if something wasn't done.

She got a call on Friday last week saying that her OR is booked for sure for today.

I'm working today but will go and see her on my lunch and stay a couple hours after work to sit with her.
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omg, how awful Your poor SIL just can't catch a break can she.

Lots of for her surgery today.
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