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Need a response ASAP, please...

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Hi, all.

I just got home from my local shelter. Due to a terrific snow storm, it took me over an hour to travel what normally takes less than fifteen minutes. *whew*

While I'm stuck in traffic, I took a peek in my carrier to say hello to my foster kitties, who have spent the last four days at the shelter. Well, guess what - in their hurry to get me out of there, the shelter gave me two strange kitties along with two of my four fosters!

That would be understandable, could even be amusing, but it turns out the two new kittens haven't been tested or treated for ANYTHING. And they just spent the last hour in extremely close confines with my Heather and Sarah!

I am soooo freaking upset, I can't stand it.

Of course, it gets better. With the ongoing storm, the shelter has closed and the kittens now have to spend the night with me. But there's not a single room in my house that I could possibly isolate them in.

Please help me out! Tell me my two kittens are going to be ok. And, please, which is better for the new kittens - to spend the night in the unheated but sheltered outside hallway, or in the laundry room which is warmed but also contains gas heaters (which is, incidentally, why it's warm). The room has a window, a washer, two dryers, the water heater and the forced hot air heater, and is a little bigger than 7.5 by 10 feet.

Currently, I have them in the doorway between the laundry room and the outside hallway, kind of a half-and-half deal. I took the door off the little carrier and put it inside a big dog carrier so they have someplace to cuddle as well as room for a little litter box.

Man, oh, man, I never anticipated all the anxiety that I've encountered in rescueing and fostering this litter.
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I personally would opt for the laundry room. I have a cat that does not get along with any of my other cats, she really is a one cat household cat, but short of putting her in a shelter which I didn't want to do because she went through so much, I have her in my half finished basement with the furnace in the same room its been like that for over 4 years and she's very content, its a larger room, but for now I think it would be fine for the kittieswith some water, food and a blanket. Good luck.
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I'd vote for the warm room, as long as they can't escape and hide behind/in any appliances. And, I'm thinking, somehow maybe this was meant to be - maybe those two strange little babies really needed an especially loving home and heart tonight.
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Neither of you are worried about possible fumes from the gas flames on the furnace and the water heater? That'd be awesome if I could put them in there; I know I'm going to have a hard time sleeping knowing they're out in the cold hallway.

Unfortunately, Darlili, with the health of three cats of my own, four fosters, and a co-workers elderly cat (25 years old!!) in the balance, there will be no cuddling or loving on these kittens.

It's really freaking me out that they were in such close contact with my fosters. All I can do is pray that they test clean when the shelter gets around to checking them.
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It should be fine I've had a smoke detector/carbonmonixide alarm not that far off from it. Short term it should be fine.
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They're in a big crate, right? Can you put them in the warm room with the door ajar, so there are no fumes to worry about? Honestly, I don't like the idea of keeping them in an unheated room at all - or can you run out and get a space heater for that room (yes, it's snowy here in Chicago too - I know it's not fun driving around).

What did your own vet say about contact? I'm guessing you already called, right?
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What about living them where they are right now, inside the crate? This arrangement is only until tomorrow, right? Wold that be a problem for you?
The fumes concern me, unless you have a carbon monoxide (not a simple fire alarm) alarm in the room... Carbon monoxide can kill silently... You don't need to smell the gas, or anything like that... Please do not put them there if you don't have an alarm.
Or........ do you have a friend or a family member that could take them in for the night?
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With that lovely little blizzard swirling outside my window (I'm in south central Massachusetts), there's no traveling anywhere right now.

I do, however, have a carbon monoxide detector in my house - that's a heck-of-a fabulously good idea. I just transferred it to the laundry room - I'll check it every few minutes - hopefully, it won't register anything.

As for the vet - I called the shelter, not my own vet, and they just kinda shrugged the whole thing off. But, now that you mention vets, I'm reminded that my cats have all been vaccinated, so that's a little less worry for me. Also, the fosters just got vaccinated.... anyone know how long it takes before a vaccinated kitten is actually safe from diseases?

I'm sure the elderly boarder cat is up-to-date on her shots as well, although, at 25, they might be relaxing on her vet trips to cut her some slack. I'll check. I'm also going to wash the floor of the room the boarder will be staying in with bleach and water (1 part bleach / 29 parts water).

Ok, I do feel a bit better now. I was wicked anxious before! In retrospect, I'm sure the trip back from the shelter ratcheted up that worry a notch or two. One hour to travel less than five miles, sheez.
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Did I understand this right? You were supposed to have 4 foster kittens and they gave you two of those and two different ones? What happened to the other two you were supposed to get?
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Yes, GoldyCat, that's exactly right. Can you stand it?

Actually, if the two wrong kittens had been cleared, I'd be fine with the whole thing. Because they're not, however, the health of several animals is compromised. That's a hefty mistake to make, you know?

My other two fosters are still be at the shelter; I'll be picking them up / swapping them for the wrong two tomorrow.
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I know this thread isn't meant to be humorous, but the way you wrote it, I couldn't help but smile. What are the chances of this happening? I guess with over-worked shelter workers, pretty good, huh?

I feel your pain about the weather - one week ago it, too, took me 1 hour to get home from Wal-Mart - five miles away. And all I had was two panicked kids in the car By the time I got home I was as frazzled as one can get.

Anyway, we have gas heat, furnace, water heater, etc. in the basement - my 3 cats spend a lot of time down there, and we've never had a problem. Of course, as it is now midnight here on the east coast, you've probably made a decision as to where to put them.

Good luck - and kudos to you for fostering!
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The new kittens made it through the night just fine and I've been to the shelter and back, albeit slowly (man-oh-man, I can't WAIT until I'm back down south again!!). All four of my fosters are home.

The shelter was extraordinarily apologetic, especially the young lady that made the error. All over the place apologetic. Clearly, they know and acknowledge the potential health danger of the situation. They even tested the new kittens right there while I was waiting - the results were negative. *major sigh of relief*

So, crisis averted. Everyone's home and safe and all's well that ends well.

On an amusing note - Heather has decided she's all done with the kitten room. She started crying as soon as she heard me moving around this morning and scooted right out the door as soon as I opened it; she's been roaming the house ever since. My cats seem to be taking to her pretty well, which is awesome.

Oh, and Remy recognized me immediately this morning. He was all up on me just a purring away as soon as I opened the carrier door. He knows he's home.

Thank you everyone who wrote last night with encouragement - you really helped me calm down!
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I'm so glad the kittens tested negative!! I think those babies really love you
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