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pet urn

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My boyfriend said he wanted a nice urn for his RB cat's ashes.

This is the one I chose:

What do you guys think? I liked it because it has a "Gee" motif. I think that's Indian... and has stylized lotus blossoms on it... white lotus is something like eternal life... He fancies himself a Buddhist, so I thought this would be good.

It comes with a velvet display box, too.

(Anyway, too late cuz I already bought it!!)
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I think it is beautiful
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I think that is very very nice
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It's lovely.
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Good choice.
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Very beautiful!!
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That is a very handsome choice.
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It is very classy and nice.
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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I reeeeaaallly had a hard time making a decision. I took too long and I don't think it will be here in time for Christmas.. I will just tell him that another gift is coming. He's good about that sort of stuff.

He still doesn't have anything for me... we talked about what I want.. and we will go get it (no - nothing sparkly -- an external hard drive for my computer!)
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Oh thats really beautiful!
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I think he'll love it, it's a very beautiful design!
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I think it's beautiful.
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