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A sad day in Trekdom - Majel Barrett Roddenberry died

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I got to see her at a con in St. Louis back in the 80s. She circulated in the autograph line (along with DeForest Kelley) signing.
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Oh, that makes me so sad. I adored Majel Barrett; she was absolutely wonderful as Lwaxanna Troi on TNG. I often wished they had kept her as #1 in the original Trek.
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Yup... she was a phenomenal, gracious lady. I had the chance to meet her in the 90's... very sweet and kind. I understand she had only recently finished doing the voice over of the ship's computer for the new 'prequel' Trek movie...

RIP Lwaxana... you will be missed.

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Well her and gene are exploring the galaxies together. She was great in all the Star trek shows and movies.
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She's lived long and prospered but it was time to leave this earth to join her "Great Bird of the Galaxy". RIP Majel Barret-Roddenberry.
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I loved her!!! I was so glad to hear her as the voice of the computer in the newer ones. Sort of comforting.
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Her character of Lwaxana Troi was a hoot!

I imagine there is enough recorded of her as the computer voice they may never need anyone else.
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....RIP to her....
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I am sorry to see her go, she played Lwaxanna to the nines. She seemed really cool.
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Sometime around 1977 or so, I was lucky enough to see Gene Roddenberry speak on societal evolution at the University of Texas at Austin, and Majel was with him there (not speaking, though). He was a true visionary, and she was all feisty and fun... they seemed to have a great marriage. I hope they're together again somewhere now.
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