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Goodbye my sweet Sugar Baby

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SugarBaby was born to my found stray cat, Zoey, on January 31, 2002.

Even though he was the largest kitten he was the youngest and born last.

I ended up keeping all of Zoey's litter when I did not feel that I could put them at risk of being taken in by people who would not get them spayed, neutered or just in general taken care of. I felt like they were my responsibility.

My mother lives with me and Sugar was her unique companion. Even though I had 8 cats (counting the 5 littermates), Sugar was passionately devoted to my mother. He followed her around like a dog, slept with her nightly, and basically would look to her with complete love and adoration.

I will desperately miss going to the refridgerator to take out his food and seeing him RUN to the kitchen (at any time) and backing up to the refridgerator door vibrating his tail (no spraying though). I will miss walking up the stairs to see him rush past me and flopping his body down on the landing meowing at me daring to step over him to finish getting upstairs.

He was a treasure and so very very special. He was such a little gentleman in a big cat body.

I lost him last night on the way to the ER vote. He passed away in his cat carrier. He had been at the ER vet in the very early morning of Thursday (1:00amish) and was diagnosed with asthma but not with a very serious case. He became worse by the evening time at home, it sounded like he had almost pneumonia.

The ER vet tried to bring him back but Sugar had already left this Earth.

Sugar always seemed a little immune comprimised. If he got into a squirmish with his brother, he would get an abscess within a few days. He was always weaker than the other babies and so much slower. He always had a flaky nose, he was bowlegged in the front and weaker in the behind. I kind of always knew that if he had a bad infection then he may not be able to make it, a part of me thinks that he became so much sicker because maybe an infection had settled in when he was so weak with his diagnosed asthma. I was just praying that he would be able to hang in there while the medication did its job.

My regret is not maybe going back to the ER vet earlier, or instead of putting him in a carrier holding him on the way to the vet. I feel so terrible that my baby died alone in a scary cat carrier (even though he was in the front seat) versus in my arms or at home with us loving him as much as our hearts could show and do. I don't think I can ever forget that moment I knew he was gone in the car. I don't think I can drive past that part on the highway knowing how heart wrenching it was to pull over on the side of the road crying and screaming the way I did.

I am so sorry Sugar that I couldn't do more. I miss you so terribly.

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What a big handsome boy he was. I'm sorry for your loss. Rest in peace sweet Sugar boy
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RIP SugarBaby
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RIP Sugarbaby

I read your other post in health and nutrition and I am so sorry you lost your beautiful boy. You did everything you could for him. I know what your going through when you try to analyze what you could have done different. I did the same thing when I lost Bubba almost 4 years ago at this time of year. I beat myself up thinking of things I could have done different but he was a very sick boy. I just wanted one more day with him and it wasn't meant to be. Sugarbaby knew how much you loved him and he would want you to fill your heart with all the beautiful memories you had together.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
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Im so very sorry. He had a life filled with love. It is so obvious the love Sugar knew.

Rest In Peace Sugar Baby

My condolences to you and to your Mom
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So sorry about your cat.
He looked like my Lucy that died in the truck on the way to er in 2001.
I think the er vet should have kept him the first time.
I have a cat that gets severe asthma attacks.
Sounds like yourcat had more then asthma.
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I also read your thread in Health and Nutrition and just want to give you a hug to get you through this. Sugar was obviously loved and there is nothing that you could have done differently. Try to be kind with yourself, as hard as that is. Sometimes we lose the best ones way too young.

Sugar Baby
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Handsome Boy. Rest in Peace SugarBaby.
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Thank all of you so much.

Today has been really hard and at times okay.

I feel so silly for keeping crying off and on-- and then I have some peace.

I started watching a movie and ended up just falling asleep until my mom called to check up on me. The sleep was merciful.

I tell you in many ways the heartache is unbelievable.

I am really just so grateful that there is a community like this. I don't feel so alone.
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I'm so sorry, what a handsome little boy Sugar Baby is

Don't feel silly for crying, we all understand

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what a handsome boy he was! many & headed your way during this time of grief & a for Sugar...
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