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Help Me

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I had wendy fixed on the 24 th of april it is healing nicely but when she rollsover on her back where the incision is it sticks out like a bump i tried to touch it but she bites me did anyone have this
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Hi Laura. I'm going to move this to the Health & Nutrition forum for you.
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oh ok thnaks im new so i dont know where to post things thanks alot
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Usually, these bumps are normal, but if it is red, oozing or seems to bother her, then take her to the vet. She is biting you, because it is still tender down there, so just don't bother her incision. The bumps do receed in time. But again, if it concerns you enough, take her in for a re-check (if you tell them it is surgery connected rechecks are usually free)
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oh ok so it is normal its not oozing or res wehn she lays own it patrudes out i thought maybe it is a muscle but i dont know thanks for you help
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I think its nothing to worry about if its not infected or anything. I think it's just the way the stiches heal or something. I know that after the stiches heal it never bothered the late Tabitha and she lived 17 years after that.

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Hi Laura!

i think it would aggravate the pain by touching her at that area. Wow!! i would just leave it alone to heal.

My foster kitty, Sea, just got spayed. That area is not a pretty sight for right now, of course, but i would just let it heal.

After two weeks, you can use a human nose scissors (rounds ends) - i bought this as kitty scissors to very slowly, gently and EXTREMELy carefully to trim off the stitches.

i think it is a good idea to distract her from bothering that area even. That is what i am doing if i catch Sea bothering that area. i would play with her, or just encourage her to play with her toys, etc.

Take care, and Smiles!

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When my kitten Max got fixed, her stitches did the same thing. I brought her in for a re-check and was told that the stitches must have been pulled tightly at the time of surgery, and that it was nothing to be concerned about. Of course, for your own peace of mind, getting her in to the vet for a check would be a good thing.
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My Hallie had the same thing! I thought she may have had a hernia or something. It was just normal swelling though. The vet said to get a wet washrag and place it in a ziplock bag and freeze it. I could then let her lay on it to bring down the swelling. Hope this helps!
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Awwwwww I wouldn't touch it too much , If it looks clean LEAVE it only touch it IF its dirty , or infected , Just get a Luke Warm Wet Cloth and wipe gently , You may need 2 people , 1 to hold & 1 to wipe , Also if it looks like it could be causing her pain , Then take her to the Vets and get some Painkillers for her
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